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Casinos. Slot machines. Mile-long buffets. Cirque du Soleil.

These are the images that come to many tourists’ minds when they think of Las Vegas, but there’s a lot more to Sin City than that. Here are three one-of-a-kind destinations and unusual attractions to see in Las Vegas. They will leave visitors with a taste for the odd ‘n’ unusual feeling like they just hit the jackpot.

The Mob Museum

First up on this list of unusual attractions to see in Las Vegas is the Mob Museum. Housed in a historic courthouse where some of Sin City’s most infamous mobsters were brought to justice, this unique museum brings the history of organized crime to life, revealing what it was really like for both the gangsters and the coppers chasing ‘em!

Visit a bullet-riddled wall from The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre or take a police training course in confrontation de-escalation. If you can’t get enough of movies like The Godfather, Scarface, and Goodfellas, The Mob Museum will have you looking at Las Vegas houses for sale, just so you never have to leave.

Dig This

When you were a kid, what kind of toys did you play with? If you liked building things in the sandbox or rolling Tonka trucks around the house, at Dig This Las Vegas Heavy Equipment Playground you can live out your childhood fantasies once and for all. All it takes is a two-hour training session, and you can dig, drive, grind, and crush to your heart’s content.

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Stack mountains of tires and dig trenches in the earth with the Big Dig Excavator, or bring a friend and race Dump Trucks together. Build sandcastles the size of real castles, then tear them down and start again. You’ve never had free reign over a sandbox quite like this one.

The Neon Museum

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Sin City is a dazzling sight, especially after sundown. The neon signs of the many casinos that have come and gone over the years are the stuff of legend. These iconic creations are works of art unto themselves. Just like any work of art, the very best ones are in a museum: the Neon Museum. Encompassing two acres and more than 200 retro-chic neon signs from as far back as the 1930s, the Neon Museum is not to be missed, least of all at night when the signs are turned on

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Unusual Attractions to See in Las VegasUnusual Attractions to See in Las VegasUnusual Attractions to See in Las VegasUnusual Attractions to See in Las VegasUnusual Attractions to See in Las VegasUnusual Attractions to See in Las Vegas
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