Is a comfortable holiday with children possible? Tips from a psychologist.

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Every child loves to travel with their parents. However, a holiday with children in any of the resort cities should be not only interesting and informative but also comfortable and safe.

Of course, it’s difficult to foresee a number of issues in advance, but habits, nature, temperament, and schedule of your child are quite possible. Remember that all children get tired of the rush, the long road, and new experiences. Be prepared for the fact that they may start to be cranky. So, here are 15 tips to help you organize a comfortable holiday with children. 

1. Choosing a tourist destination 

First of all, you need to find out what kind of vacation each member of your family prefers. Listen to everyone’s suggestions, recognize where you’ve already been, and, taking into account your child’s interests, try to choose the right destination. Look through news websites to check out all the current info about your destination. 

It is worth bearing in mind all the details: the possibility of overspending, the size of the vacation budget, the presence of health problems, interests, hobbies, and passions. If you are going to organize a trip together with your child, you will have a wonderful vacation together! 

The most expensive holiday with children is in the high season, which is typically at the height of summer. If you get to go on vacation before or after the onset of general hype, you can save a significant amount of money. Plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and meals also get more expensive during big school vacations. If possible, avoid these periods to avoid spending. This, of course, is easier said than done as your child may be in school during these times.

2. Making Travel Estimates 

Plan your travel budget in advance. It is not a good idea to take all the money you have saved for a trip, but it also does not make sense to deprive yourself and your child of entertainment because of limited funds, otherwise you will simply not enjoy the trip. 

If you do not want to end up ruined holiday, think through every, even the most insignificant expense, so that then it turned out that you can not afford a child extra ice cream or a souvenir. 

3. Choosing a hotel 

Find out the contents of the room is your number one task. What kind of beds there are, how many rooms there are, whether there’s a kid’s seat, a balcony, a refrigerator, a bath or shower in the bathroom, etc. When considering accommodation options, first of all, pay attention to the location of the hotel. If we are talking about an excursion trip to one of the tourist cities, it is better to book the one that is closer to its centre. This way you minimize the time spent on the road to the main attractions, parks, and museums. 

If you are planning a beach holiday, you should focus on the distance from the hotel to the beach. It is difficult for children to make long walks, so developed infrastructure and proximity to the centre/beach is the first thing you should pay attention to when planning a vacation with a child. 

4. Provide your child with personal transportation 

When speaking with the manager of your favourite hotel, find out about the service “baby carriage rental. This type of baby transport can really help you if you plan to take walks with your child who is 3 years and younger. 

If you have your own convenient and lightweight umbrella stroller that folds down compactly, you can take it with you — it is free to take on the plane. 

5. Excursion program 

Discuss in advance with your child excursion plans for the rest. Going to visit the most interesting places and attractions, take into account the age and interests of a young traveller. Tell him or her about the places you are going to visit, back up the story with interesting facts, so the child will be more interesting to explore new horizons in another country. 

Do not forget about the so-called free days, when tourists have the opportunity to get into a museum without buying tickets. Visit in advance the official sites of attractions and cultural sites, which have such information. So, we’ve covered the main points, now it’s time to choose the right resort for a vacation with children! 

Have a nice trip!

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