Chartering a Yacht: Is It A Good Choice For Holiday Getaways?

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Since the pandemic begins, many people lose hope to travel around the world due to the health protocols. It also demands a lot of requirements to go on a trip which frustrates plenty of travellers. Physical distancing is among the rules in this new normal that limits travel opportunities greatly. However, tourists found a way to resume travelling once again through yacht charters. 

Chartering a luxurious boat may sound expensive but is a key to enjoying the world in the days of coronavirus. It promotes better privacy so that you can choose who to travel with. This is to avoid overly crowded places which can trigger the spread of the virus. Yacht charters exist globally and can offer a unique sea travel experience. 

It is indeed a good choice for your next holiday trip. Read on this post to know more about yacht charter and its benefits. 

Yacht Charter Experience 

Sailing is now the most unique way to travel on the seas. It will give you a new experience, so do not hesitate to book a yacht later on. 

Boat rentals offer a variety of deals that aim to satisfy every traveller’s longing for an exquisite trip. You can choose between the crewed and bareboat types of charter, depending on your level of sailing experience. The first option is ideal for beginners who have no idea how to manoeuvre a yacht. It comes with a boat captain and other crews to assist the guests for better safety and comfort. 

Riding on a yacht is such a delight with all the existing facilities. Guests can enjoy a lot of water sports during the trip. Therefore, ask the staff to provide equipment as you book a ride to maximize your expenses. Assess who you are travelling with deciding which gears to pay for. For instance, if you are with elders who love to go fishing, there are tools for that. 

Yacht charters are accessible either a day or for weeks, depending on your needs and budget. Some families prefer paying extra to stay on a yacht for several days just to unwind from stressful work. It is indeed an escape from reality to enjoy nature on board. It even comes with so many sea adventures that you can never experience by simply going to beaches through land travel. 

Why Do Tourists Opt For A Private Yacht Charter?

Coronavirus persists to cause thousands of people to get sick until today. This is so alarming and it continues to limit chances to travel. Nonetheless, the best solution to quench your wish to go on a trip is to charter a private yacht. 

Here are some reasons why a private yacht is a good choice:

It is Fully Crewed. 

Having a worry-free sailing experience is possible with a crewed yacht. The purpose of the holiday trip is to feel relaxed even for a short period and there are people you can trust to take care of your travel needs. Make sure they are licensed and highly skilled to handle a yacht in case of unwanted events. 

One of the benefits of a fully crewed yacht includes greater safety. The staff knows the basics as well as is well-trained to perform complicated tasks quickly. They can handle even the harshest condition in the middle of the sea to keep everyone safe. 

It also promotes convenience for the guests. There will be added freedom to enjoy the yacht stay, like drinking without worrying about anything. The crew will also be accountable for preparing your meals and other necessary stuff. 

Parking the yacht is not a problem anymore with the help of a professional captain. It can also bring you to the nicest destination where you can just sit back and relax. 

It is Away From The Crowd.

A private yacht can be expensive but the safest way to travel during the pandemic. Pick a boat that can accommodate your desired number of guests to limit the crowd. The types of charters come in different sizes to cater to a specific crowd. 

It guarantees a more refreshing holiday trip with your loved ones and friends. You will have enough time to explore the beaches without interacting with the masses. Bringing children and seniors along with you is possible as long as safety protocols are strictly followed. 

It is Luxurious. 

Finally, a private yacht is very elegant to travel with. It has everything that could make your trip memorable. The cost of a yacht charter varies according to the facilities upon request. One thing is for sure, it is worth every penny to take a holiday trip with a small boat. 

Choose a Yacht Charter That Suits Your Budget 

Phuket yacht charter service delivers a luxurious boat that would satisfy your travel requirements. You will never go wrong with its boat rental promos which will highlight the best experience possible all throughout. The captain will take the guests to the beautiful islands in Phuket safe and sound. Moreover, the package includes plenty of water activities that you can enjoy and a day or week of relaxation. You may also opt for a superyacht to cater to more guests to maintain social distancing in times of COVID. 

Final Thoughts 

Your holiday getaways will never be the same again by chartering a yacht. Contact a yacht charter service to book a ride. It would be more fun with families and friends on board with you. 

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  1. My favorite part of your blog is when you said that renting a yacht could make your trip memorable as it offers elegance while you travel. My supervisor was tasked to handle a corporate party that is intimate to celebrate the company’s success for the first quarter of the year. I will ask him to consider renting a corporate yacht charter as he aims to impress the existing and potential clients.

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