6 Camping Essentials for An Amazing Outdoor Experience

With routine lockdowns and isolation still plaguing life as we know it, there’s a good chance you’re looking to escape your home in the city for a night or two in the wilderness. However, leaving everything behind can be a little tough and can make things a bit uncomfortable, and so a few camping essentials that keep us comfy are great to keep in mind. 

Whether you’re looking to do a little more ‘glamping’ than camping, or simply want to make camping as stress-free and homelike as possible, we have a list of some camping essentials that are going to ensure you have an amazing outdoor experience. Take a look. 

A Large Tent

Of course, a tent needs to land at the top of your list, unless you’re keen on roughing it on the ground with just your sleeping bag.

However, there are some important factors to keep in mind beyond just the humble ‘tent’ and this includes things such as choosing a tent that is large. Ideally with space for a whole other person, giving you plenty of wiggle room and space for other ‘essentials’ that you would otherwise have to place outside. 

Another key point when it comes to the tent is to go for something with plenty of ventilation and a window at the top for stargazing or just letting in some extra light during the day. 

An Axe or Saw 

One other thing that you should always take with you when it comes to camping is the trusty camping axe or saw. You will nearly always need one of these regardless of how far you’re heading into the wilderness given that there’s likely to be a lot of overgrowth in your camping spot. 

Added to this, if you’re camping for a few days or a week, you’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of firewood, and an axe is going to be your best friend here – besides, you can only get so far by burning sticks and dry shrubs.  

It isn’t too hard to find a great camping axe, and other survival essentials and so it’s always good to shop around for camping axes and saws that suit your skill level and the location of where you’re camping. 

Your Favourite Pillow 

Another key essential that many of us forget when heading out to the campsite is our pillow! 

You don’t want to need to stuff a bunch of hoodies and socks into a makeshift pillowcase to do the job, and so we suggest either taking a pillow from home or investing in a soft, thick and supportive camping pillow that you reserve only for the campsite. 

If you’re someone who finds it a little tough to get to sleep without the comfort of a memory foam bed at home, then we highly recommend investing in latex or memory foam pillows for your camping trip! They may be a little thicker and heavier, though they’re certainly worth it when it comes time to lay your head down and get some rest at camp. 

Food, Drinks and Containers

Although both food and drink are a no brainer, the containers might be something you’re overlooking. 

If you’re like many of us, you’re taking pre-packed foods with you to camp, and that means if you’re not eating everything out of the packet, it’s either going to go to waste or end up full of ants if you’re leaving it out of a fridge or the car.

With that in mind, choose plenty of snacks that are camping friendly and don’t require constant refrigeration, and be sure to accompany these snacks by plenty of containers or small zip-lock bags that make storage a breeze. 

One thing to note here is that open food packets or foods that aren’t completely sealed run the chance of inviting animals into your campsite, and this might not be something you’re too keen on. 

Waterproof Clothes

Of course, this is a seasonal requirement depending on where you live, though it’s always good to have some clothes that are able to wick away water. 

Whether you’re going to be hiking before camp, or simply exploring, it’s always good peace of mind knowing that you’re kitted out with clothes that aren’t too likely to leave you with a cold. 

In addition to this, make sure any smart devices you take with you are water-resistant too, and if they’re not, invest in a case that makes sure they’re fine to get wet. A damaged smartphone, for example, might ruin your chances of listening to music, using the flashlight, taking photos or even calling for help. 

Portable Power

To end our list, our final essential is making sure you have some sort of power on hand that gives you the chance to charge devices, cook, light up camp and keep food chilled. Without some form of power, whether it be a battery bank or camping generator, you’re losing out on a lot of your at-home comforts that might make or break camping for you!

If you’re lucky enough to be heading out to the desert for your camping trip and find some open well-lit spaces, then solar panels might be something to consider too. 

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