4 Reasons to Travel and Not to Travel in 2021

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Most people didn’t travel in 2020. The coronavirus saw to that. The pandemic grounded airlines for months, and once they started operating again, few wanted to fly because of the risks and travel restrictions.

Travel by car was popular in 2020, but the pandemic reduced that as well. People didn’t visit their relatives for the holidays and many of those who ignored CDC recommendations still and gathered turned into super spreader events.

2021 looks different in many ways. There are three CDC-approved vaccines out now, and more individuals are becoming fully vaccinated as the year goes on. Because of this, you might feel like this is your year to travel.

There are compelling reasons both to travel and not to this year. Let’s go over some of them.

Travel by Car is Safer

If you want to travel this year, but you’re still worried about getting on a flight with a lot of other people from various locales, you might decide to drive. Of course, driving is not entirely safe either. 1,106 car crashes occur per day in Florida, and that’s hardly atypical if you look at other states.

If you travel by car, you might either take a vacation or visit those relatives you haven’t seen in many months. You don’t have to risk being on the same flight with lots of other individuals.

You Can Get Some Great Deals on Hotels and Flights this Year

Last year was a disaster for the hospitality industry. As a result, many airlines, hotels, and resorts are offering unbelievable deals right now.  

For instance, if you want to go to one of the Disney-brand theme parks, they will add a couple of free days to most packages if you book for this summer. You might also pick this year to head to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas, or other popular travel destinations.

You might not have another chance to visit one of these cities for such rock bottom prices, so it’s at least worth considering. It’s true that there’s still going to be some risk element, but if you’re fully vaccinated, and you don’t have an immunocompromised condition, you might be willing to give it a shot.

The Pandemic is Not Over

Now, on to a couple of reasons why you may not want to travel yet. The first and most obvious one is that the pandemic is not over, even though some states and governors want to act like it is. If you visit certain states, owners have opened some bars, restaurants, and sporting venues and are operating them at full capacity.

If you received a vaccine, and you feel like travelling and engaging in higher-risk activities is worth it, that’s your prerogative however you are still posing a risk of spreading Covid-19. Please consider others when thinking about your travel plans. Heading to Vegas to play the slots is not a life and death travel reason.

If you’re going to travel because you have not seen your loved ones in months and you desperately miss them, that’s probably a more valid reason than a frivolous vacation. You’ll have to consider very carefully before deciding what action you feel is worth it this year.

You Don’t Feel Mentally Ready

You also might want to travel this year for business or pleasure, but you don’t feel like you’re ready. When the pandemic began, many people couldn’t imagine having to stay indoors for months on end, barely leaving to go on the occasional grocery run. Now, it’s the idea of resuming their normal activities that worries them.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that some people have developed agoraphobia during the past few months. The idea of being somewhere like a busy airport might be too much for them. If you’re in this situation, then an aeroplane or even a car trip after months of isolation might not sound agreeable to you.

You might have to ease your way into it. Remember that there’s no rush and no need to travel except in a life-or-death emergency. Those Vegas slots will still be there.

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