Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Review – AVOID IT!

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As highlighted through several reviews on this site, Turkish Airlines has been one of my favourites to fly. Because of that, this Turkish Airlines A330–200 business class review is a tough one to write.

From the ground service to the sky and subsequently dealing with customer services after the flight, every aspect of this Turkish Airlines A330-200 business class flight was a huge disappointment. Here’s why.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Bussiness Class Flight Details

Route: Istanbul to Nairobi
Aircraft: A330-200
Seat: 1K
Highlights: Meal service
Low lights: Broken, dated, and dirty seats

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IST Ground Experience

I should specify, this Turkish Airlines A330–200 business class review came under some unique circumstances.

On my Turkish Airlines 787–9 business class flight from Seattle to Istanbul, I had a medical emergency – more to come on that. The aircrew was super attentive and arranged for a doctor to be at the gate upon arrival. When I deboarded the plane, there was no doctor to be found and, after the whole plane emptied, I was left throwing up next to an empty gate.

After a confusing hour or so, I ended up in the business class lounge where a doctor was brought in. By this time I was in jeopardy of missing my connecting Turkish Airlines A330–200 business class flight to Nairobi. Regardless, it was recommended by the doctor that I go to a hospital for further testing to ensure I could continue on my trip – this was the very start of my 2+ year delayed trip to Africa. Off to a great start!

The staff at the Turkish Airlines business class lounge assured me that they would put me on the same flight the next day and not to worry. With that, I went in an ambulance and had an experience in Istanbul like no other. Again, more to come on that.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Check-in

After a late night at the hospital, I got the OK to continue on. When I arrived at the airport to check in, my fun continued as I wasn’t put on the flight as told.

An empty Turkish Airlines check in area at IST airport
Turkish Air Istanbul Airport Business Class Check-In. On the positive, there were comfy seats for me to sit in while I tried to figure out my next move.

Now granted I should’ve known better than to take that promise as actual fact however in my state, I wasn’t in the position to question anything. So long story short, I was not moved onto the flight and had to pay out-of-pocket for the change.

Since I was previously flying business class, I paid a full fair ticket at ~$2200 USD. I knew the Airbus A330-200 Turkish Airlines business class wasn’t one of their bests and I briefly debated saving and flying economy but figured I could use the extra comfort as I was exhausted from the previous day’s ordeal.

Turns out, this wasn’t worth it. Not even close.

IST Lounge Experience

The added benefit of flying business class was that I got access to the incredible Turkish Airlines business class lounge at IST airport. It’s one of my favourites as previously shared in my IST Lounge review. On this visit, however, I had a little very little time to enjoy it due to the confusion at the ticket counter.

Dealing with a less-than-helpful (or remotely sympathetic) Turkish Airlines staff at the ticket counter took up a couple of hours. On top of that, I wasn’t in any shape to really enjoy any of the incredible food or drink at the IST lounge.

I really should’ve known better but again, I wasn’t really in any state of mind to make educated decisions. I was short on sleep and had a pretty scary ordeal.

This latest experience aside, be sure to check out my full Turkish Airlines Lounge Review from my previous visit through. The lounge really is great and remains a favourite, despite this horrible Turkish Airlines A330-200 business class review.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Boarding

Although there was a dedicated business class queue and business class passengers got priority to the gate, on this Turkish Airlines A330-200 review flight, we just ended up waiting for a transfer bus to fill up before heading to the plane. No added points here for the boarding experience.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Seats

Turkish Airlines A330-300 Business class seats

Where this Turkish Airlines A330–200 business class review really lost me was with the seats. On top of being dirty with crumbs and dust caked in the cracks, the seats themselves were broken.

Now I should state that I certainly knew that this was an older plane with outdated seats so I wasn’t expecting a pod-style seat or comfort that compares to their 787-9 product. That said, dated seats are one thing. Being broken and dirty is different and 100% manageable.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 business class dated seat controls with dirt and crumbs in the cracks.

I booked a business class ticket to try and rest up and recover. My seat was so bad this was impossible. The headrest actually pitched forward, something I have never experienced before on a business class seat let alone any seat on a plane.

Pressing the buttons to recline, made clunky and crunching noises and didn’t do much. They barely reclined and the motions and range of recline and footrest extension were completely different between my partner’s seat and mine. Thankfully or not, this wasn’t an isolated issue.

After takeoff, we noticed several other passengers, struggling with their seats and complaining to staff. Some switched seats but did not find anything better. Interestingly, the staff looked confused and loosely tried to help. It’s hard to believe this isn’t a common occurrence for them as they fly that plane every day.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Seat Map

If you are flying this horrible aircraft, I don’t recommend the bulkhead seats. One, they are broken on this plane – but again, that could be every seat by the looks of other passengers. Second, it was near the cabin crew so there was noise to deal with.

Looking at the Turkish Airlines A330-200 seat map, you are better off a couple of rows back on either side. Configuration is 2-2-2 so if you are flying solo, the centre row may be of interest as both seats have direct aisle access.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Busines Class In-Flight Entertainment

With the hopes of getting some rest shot, I tried to occupy myself with the in-flight entertainment. This was also comically bad. I was sitting in 1K with a terrible foldout TV with clunky out-of-date controls. After struggling to get it to work, I gave up and watched a show on my phone. At least with that, I could use my noise-cancelling headphones.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business class seat with dated in-flight entertainment.

Again, I questioned why was I in business class if this is the service I was getting.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Food and Drink

The one shining point on this shitty flight was the meal service.

Although I was in no shape to enjoy any of it, my partner’s dish of smoked salmon starter and Manti main (Turkish ravioli) looked very good and on par with other Turkish Airlines flights I have enjoyed. The staff was attentive during meal service and topped up her wine frequently.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Service and Amenities

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business class amenity kits in green and grey

Another small highlight of this otherwise terrible trip was the amenities kits. The contents were standard (although no slippers) but the bags themselves came in a selection of styles you could choose. The kits came in a variety of colours with different imagery from Istanbul on the front which was a unique touch.

Turkish Airlines Customer Service Follow Up

To say the least, I was not only disappointed with the Turkish Airlines A330–200 business class product but frustrated by the experience. This was fuelled further after I noticed that seating in the economy cabin was largely empty. I could have had a row to myself and recovered a bit better from my hospital visit at a fraction of the cost.

This frustration led me to follow up with Turkish Airlines once I was home from my Africa trip, something I haven’t had to do after hundreds of flights have flown.

To my further frustration, customer service did nothing as there was no report of the complaint on file.

When I let them know that I was, now and then, reporting my dissatisfaction, they kept saying that it needed to be reported during the flight. When I said that I and other passengers complained about the seats to staff this still wasn’t enough as nothing was documented on file by their staff. This completely blows my mind as it was almost as if this terrible experience, in Turkish Airlines’ opinion, never happened.

Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class – Final Thoughts

passengers deplaning Turkish Airlines A330-200 aircraft at night at Nairobi airport

All of this is incredibly frustrating and disappointing because, again, I have praised Turkish Airlines’ business-class products for years now.

This, paired with the poor ground experience, will have me flying with their Middle East competitors like if you had Oman Air, Etihad, Gulf, and Emirates in the future. Until then, I still plan to follow up for compensation.

Thanks to my AMEX Platinum card, I was able to recoup about half of the unexpected expenses through medical trip interruption insurance. With recent reports of successful lawsuits for similar experiences, I may have to go that route to recoup more.

When the economy seat experience is better than business class, something needs to change. If anyone has experience with this, let me know.

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Airbus A330-200 Turkish Airlines Business Class FAQs

Does Airbus A330-200 aircraft have Business Class?

Yes, the Airbus A330-200 aircraft typically offers a Business Class cabin. Business Class on the A330-200 provides enhanced comfort, amenities, and services compared to Economy Class. It often includes features such as lie-flat seats, extra legroom, priority boarding, premium dining options, and access to exclusive lounges. However, it’s worth noting that the specific configuration and offerings can vary between different airlines that operate the A330-200. Turkish Airlines offers a horrible A330-200 business-class product so it’s best to avoid it.

Does Turkish Airlines offer lie-flat beds in Business Class?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers lie-flat beds in Business Class on many of their long-haul flights. The Airbus A330-200, however, has broken seats that don’t recline and should be avoided. Turkish Airlines has invested in modernizing their Business Class cabins to offer enhanced comfort and privacy to their passengers. However, it’s important to note that the availability of lie-flat beds may vary depending on the specific aircraft and route. It’s always recommended to check with Turkish Airlines or refer to their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the features and amenities in their Business Class cabins.

How many Business Class seats does A330-200 have?

The number of Business Class seats on an Airbus A330-200 can vary depending on the airline’s specific configuration and preferences. However, on average, the A330-200 can typically accommodate around 30 to 40 Business Class seats. Some airlines may have a higher or lower number of Business Class seats based on their desired cabin layout, which can include factors like the size and design of the seats, the space allocated for each passenger, and any additional amenities provided. To obtain the exact number of Business Class seats on a particular airline’s A330-200 aircraft, it is advisable to check with the airline or refer to their official seating charts.

Do Turkish Airlines Business Class seats recline?

Yes, Turkish Airlines Business Class seats do recline, or so they say. Their Airbus A330-200 business-class seats are broken and should be avoided. Some of their other aircraft feature fully lie-flat beds that provide a comfortable sleeping experience during long-haul flights. The specific design and features of the seats may vary depending on the aircraft type and the cabin configuration. It’s always a good idea to check with Turkish Airlines or refer to their website for detailed information about the seating options and features available in their Business Class cabins.

Which business class seat is best on A330-200?

When selecting the best Business Class seat on an Airbus A330-200, personal preferences and the airline’s configuration play a crucial role. Opting for a seat with direct aisle access enhances convenience and privacy during the flight. Avoiding seats near the galley or lavatories reduces foot traffic and noise disturbances. Choosing between a window or aisle seat depends on individual preferences—window seats offer better views, while aisle seats provide easier access to the aisle. Considering seat features like lie-flat beds, additional storage space, and privacy dividers can significantly enhance comfort. It’s important to check the specific layout and features offered by the airline operating the A330-200, as each airline may have different seat configurations and offerings. Consulting the airline’s website or contacting their customer service ensures accurate and up-to-date information for selecting the best Business Class seat on the A330-200.

What is the difference between A330-300 and A330 200?

The Airbus A330-300 and A330-200 are variants of the same aircraft family, the A330, with a few distinct differences. Firstly, the A330-300 is slightly longer than the A330-200, resulting in a higher passenger capacity. On average, the A330-300 can accommodate around 300 to 440 passengers, while the A330-200 typically seats approximately 250 to 406 passengers.

Another difference lies in payload capability. The A330-300 usually has a higher maximum takeoff weight and payload capacity compared to the A330-200. This enables it to carry more passengers, cargo, or fuel for longer flights. As a result of its longer range and higher passenger capacity, the A330-300 is often deployed on intercontinental routes, while the A330-200 is favoured for medium-haul or regional flights. Furthermore, the A330-200’s slightly shorter length grants it more operational flexibility, allowing it to operate on runways with shorter distances and providing additional accessibility options at different airports.

Is it worth upgrading to Business Class on Turkish Airlines?

Upgrading to Business Class on Turkish Airlines can offer a significantly enhanced travel experience, but whether it’s worth it depends on various factors, including personal preferences, the duration of the flight, the price, and most importantly, the type of aircraft. Turkish Airlines Business Class often includes benefits such as more spacious seating, lie-flat beds, priority services, access to exclusive lounges, and upgraded dining options. Most of their newer aircraft offer near-industry leading service however the Turkish Airlines A330-200 should be avoided. It is not worth the business class upgrade due to broken and dated seats that have also been noted as very dirty.

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Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Review - AVOID IT!Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Review - AVOID IT!Turkish Airlines A330-200 Business Class Review - AVOID IT!

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