Exploring Cape Breton in 3 days – Too Much or Too Little Time?

The Cabot Trail and Cape Breton have long been on my Canadian road trip bucket list. As my East Coast trip grew near my excitement ballooned as I was finally going to tick this trip off. This excitement was quickly deflated by friends, family, and readers of my blog. “Three days is a lot of time for Cape Breton” was a common reply to me eagerly sharing the details of my trip. This left me a bit concerned. Was I spending too much of my East Coast trip exploring Cape Breton Island? This island, after all, is not that big and the Cabot Trail can be done in a day as one of my readers pointed out. To me, and from the photos of Cape Breton I had viewed online, seeing it in a day would be a disservice. I took this as a challenge to prove the naysayers wrong.

Day 1 – Halifax to Baddeck

After three days of checking out the highlights of Halifax, we made our way north. The first thing that caught me by surprise on Cape Breton Island is that it is, indeed, an island. Looking at a map this doesn’t immediately jump out at you so I always assumed it was just an odd label like calling a close family friend Aunt or calling Donald Trump president. Nope. With the narrow Strait of Canso dividing Cape Breton from the mainland, it is indeed an island. More surprisingly is that there was no road to the island until 1955. That is when the 2 km long Canso Causeway was built.

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

Our first stop while exploring Cape Breton Island was, fittingly, a craft brewery. Tipped off by Tidehouse Brewing in Halifax we made a pitstop at Big Spruce, a certified organic brewery like no other. There you will find unfiltered and unpasteurized beer made fresh from locally grown hops on their farm. If this wasn’t clear in the description it was obvious in their tasting room. Alongside live local music was a group of workers drinking beer and picking through a bush of hops. Upon the first sip, I was sold on Big Spruce beer. Then I saw their tasting room which sold me on exploring Cape Breton.

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

Alexander Graham Bell

Warm sunshine plus live East Coast music lead to a few more pints which ate into our time in Baddeck, former summer home to one Alexander Graham Bell. The famed inventor of the telephone spent many summers in Baddeck and much of his final days inventing and experimenting in the area. This included the first flight in Canada under the British Empire on the frozen Bras d’Or Lake.

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

This and so much more can be explored at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. We could have easily spent a couple of hours exploring this amazing museum, however, we had to cram as much in as possible before closing. My loss is forever your gain.

Lobster Supper

Our day of unpasteurized beer and Canadian history worked up an appetite. Thankfully Baddeck is home to one of the best seafood feasts you will ever have. Simply named Baddeck Lobster Suppers, this Cape Breton favourite serves up local lobsters with a side of unlimited muscles. It was by far my favourite meal experience while exploring Cape Breton. Tuck in and don’t forget the bib.

Day 2 – Getting on (and off) The Cabot Trail  

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

Our second day exploring Cape Breton began with the main event, the Cabot Trail. This 298 km loop takes you through old-growth forests, past sandy beaches, and along oceanside cliffs with jaw-dropping vistas. It’s consistently named one of the best drives in North America and is full of history, trailheads, and postcard photo ops.

3 days Exploring Cape Breton
3 days Exploring Cape Breton
3 days Exploring Cape Breton


Although incredibly scenic at points, my favourite parts of the Cabot Trail came when we actually got off it. Our first detour took us to White Point for a short hike. This offered baron scenery which illustrates the harsh conditions locals face. This was brought home with a monument to the unknown sailor at the end of the trail.

The drive to White Point is spectacular and lets you hug the coastal road on your way back to the Cabot Trail. This was only briefly as we left the trail once again to make our way to the most northern point on Cape Breton, Meat Cove. This rugged fishing village is located at the end of an 8 km dirt road and offers superior views along the way, in my experience, than those found on the Cabot Trail. This detour made the trip and was highlighted by a short 4×4 dissent to the rocky beach full of inukshuks.

Heading south from Meat Cove is where our luck with the weather ran out. While passing through the Cape Bretons Highlands National Park we were met with fog so thick I could not see the car in front of me. Thankfully it didn’t last for the true highlight of our three days exploring Cape Breton, the Skyline Trail.

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Day 3 –Chéticamp to Mabou

We spent the night in Chéticamp which is arguably the closest town to the best the Cabot Trail has to offer, or at least that is why I think we paid a premium for it. Our accommodations at the Ocean View Motel & Chalets were nothing special and came with an odd odour and set of rules like asking guests not to move the furniture (as not to scuff the vinyl flooring from the ’90s) or cook seafood. I typically only mention the hotels I recommend. This is not the case here.

The next day we made our way back north to capture some of the scenery lost in the previous day’s fog. This included a stretch of the Cabot Trail that is easily the most scenic. When you see postcards from Cape Breton, chances are you’ll see shots from this stretch of the Cabot Trail.

Skyline Trail

What I was most excited about on my time exploring Cape Breton was hiking the famous Skyline Trail. This 7 km looping trail takes visitors along an amazing boardwalk that straddles the coastal mountains and gives some of the best views in all of the Highlands National Park.

While reading up on the hike en route that morning, Erin came across the tragic news that a hiker was attacked and killed by a coyote not too long ago. This did not sit well with her. At the mouth of the trail, I started to explain that the attack was rare. Just as the words “they are more scared of you than you are of them” left my mouth, a grouse flew inches from my face sending me backwards in a high-pitched squeal. “The coyotes have evolved and can fly!” We died in laughter.

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

Coyote concerns squashed, we were able to enjoy our day and the subsequent views. This place lives up to the hype and was indeed a highlight of my time exploring the Cabot Trail. We sat for some time enjoying the sweeping views and as a reward, spotted several whales breaching in the distance.


With that bucket list item ticked off, we continued south and sadly, off the Cabot Trail, this time for good. We stopped for a pick-me-up at Downstreet Coffee in Inverness, a surprisingly hip coffee shop in a not so hip area, as well as at the beautiful Glenora Distillery for a quick sample.

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

Dinner was supposed to include live music at the Red Shoe Pub in Mabou however it was a Sunday night in the fall so there was no entertainment on. This was too bad as a night out at the Rankin family-run pub is a highlight of Cape Breton for more than a few people. Just another reason to return I suppose and something to consider on your tour. 

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

Three days too many?

3 days Exploring Cape Breton

At the end of my three days road tripping around Cape Breton, I was scratching my head. How could anyone think this was too much time? If anything, I could’ve used another day to squeeze in another hike or play around of golf. Turns out Cape Breton is home to some of Canada’s best golf courses. Again, next time.

This realization led me to believe that those I talked to prior to my trip did not do Cape Breton right, but I guess that is why am writing this. From my experience exploring Cape Breton, you need to get off the Cabot Trail, eat and drink local, dance, and relax. After all (and to my surprise), you’re on island time. There is no need to rush.

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3 days Exploring Cape Breton

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the experience, opinions, and fear of grouse are my own.

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