Super Bowl Eats

Superbowl Eats 4

Man, that was a beating..and I’m not talking about the game. Much like Payton Manning, my stomach called it quits after the first quarter. This year’s Super Bowl party featured some seriously filling Super Bowl Eats and I had my fill, and then some. For the last three years, we have hosted a Super Bowl party that has emphasized the food just as much as the game itself. Taco in a bag, corn dog muffins, and bacon-wrapped tater tots have all been hits in the past. This year’s dishes seemed to revolve around one super awesome theme:

Bacon wrap all the things.

Here is a quick recap of the horrible, horrible things I consumed this year:

Super Bowl Eats
We bring the Canadian with some Tater tot Poutine
Build your own Caesar station has been a staple. A pink Tim Tebow Jersey not so much.
Seahawk Jello Shot
Super Bowl Eats
Bacon wrapped and topped Cinnamon rolls.
Super Bowl Eats
Super Bowl Eats – Bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, bacon-wrapped Cinnamon rolls, and mac ‘n’ cheese cups. Amen.
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  1. Avatarsays: Aaron Kolle

    Oh man those bacon covered cinnamon rolls look good! I watched the game at a bar and didn’t have anything like this!

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