Positive Signs to Look for in Vacation Rental Properties

When going all out for that trip of a lifetime, everything needs to be just right. A roomy seat on the plane, stress-free car rental experience, and the highest standard of rental accommodation, are just some of the things we expect. That said, unless we do our homework before booking, we can be disappointed with what we get. Especially so with vacation rental properties.

Even seasoned travellers can sometimes get caught out when renting a vacation property.  A self-proclaimed five-star rental can turn out to be nothing of the sort. So, what are the top signs to look for in good vacation rental properties?

Pictures of vacation rental properties

First up on this list of signs to look for in vacation rental properties is all about what is available online about it. Many people will tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words. And when booking your vacation rental that can be very close to the truth.  But beware, professional photos of rental accommodation can make a property seem prettier than it really is.

First, make sure there are pictures of all the rooms on offer and any outside space.  One or two pictures of the lounge and nothing else should raise questions.  What are the other rooms like?  Why aren’t they being shown?

If you can see lots of photos of beautiful mountain ranges, pristine beaches, or stunning cityscapes, check where these photos have been taken.  Are these the views you can expect?  Or are these just generic pictures added to sell the rental home to you?

Reviews of the accommodation

Aah, reviews.  The foolproof method for checking out the quality of a vacation rental, right? Wrong!  Reviews can only ever hint at what somewhere is going to be like.  Fake reviews are sometimes hard to distinguish from real ones, so it can be a risk to rely on these alone.

What can you do then?  You could find the reviews and ratings of the property from multiple sites and see if they’re consistent.  And you could check for the reviewer’s photos of the property.  These are possibly the best indicator of what the rental is really like.

Has your rental got all the mod cons?

A positive sign that a rental is of high quality, is the number of facilities it boasts.  If it’s got modern décor and lots of modern conveniences on offer, then that’s got to be a bonus.  You might want to look for facilities such as wi-fi, a fridge-freezer, washing machine, air conditioning, coffee machine, high-tech television or adjustable lighting.

Are you in the prime location?

When you’re looking at a rental that sounds like ‘the one’, don’t forget to check its location.  Yes, you’ve searched for a property that’s within so many kilometres of where you want to be, but there’s more research you could do.

If you’re visiting a destination for the first time, you’ll need to be close to public transport or in a place with good road links.  But you’ll also need to check that you’re in a low-crime zone and away from noisy industrial zones.  Check you’re not in a top floor apartment without a lift or in a lovely apartment that has a view of the local rubbish dump!

The sign of a good property is a top location with good views, but you should also be aware that these are the properties that rent well and often command higher rental tariffs.

Added extras

One last thing to look out for when renting a vacation home?  Look for the added extras that come with good property management or caring owners.  The effort made with the little details can be a good sign that you’re looking at a high-quality rental.

Is it easy to contact the property owner to ask questions or make queries?  Open and honest customer service is a good indicator.  Secondly, what comes with the property when you rent it?  Have they thought of everything you might need such as hairdryers, cutlery, extra bedding, towels or perhaps a welcome hamper?

And when you’re renting out your own property

Are you thinking of going travelling for a long period of time?  Then you might be considering renting out your own property as a vacation retreat.  You’re probably thinking this is a great way to earn some extra cash while you’re away having a great time. But there are some important things to consider first.

What does your property offer to travellers? Is it in a rentable location? And what standard of living does your property offer to guests?  If it’s tired and dated you may need to pay out for the cost of double glazing, a new bathroom suite or furniture to bring it up to modern standards.

And that’s it!

Has this guide helped you feel more confident booking your next trip away?  Hopefully, these tips have got you looking at property guides and listings in a whole new light!

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