The Top Attractions in Goa, India

Goa is one of the most beautiful states of India. As such, tourists flock to the area each year for its incredible beaches and culturally rich experiences. Thanks to these beautiful beaches, the significant tourist areas in Goa are located in the coastal regions. Let’s look at these areas and discuss the top attractions in Goa!

Do I need a visa to visit Goa in India?

Important Note: You must have an e-Visa if you want to travel to India

If you want to visit the top attractions in Goa, you must get an India e-Visa first. Without an India e-Visa, you cannot get entry into the country.

An e-Visa is an electronic entry permit issued by the Indian Government to foreign travelers who want to enter and stay in India for tourism purposes. An e-Visa is necessary for both adults and children.

The best thing about e-Visa’s is that you can get one by applying online. The tourist entry permit allows you to stay up to three months in the country! Creating a perfect opportunity for a long getaway in Goa. Get your Visa to India online by simply filling an application form. No visits to the Embassy is required. An e-Visa can be yours in just 72 hours!

Approved documents are delivered to the applicant’s email box in the form of a PDF file. All you have to do is print it out and travel to India.

The Best Attractions in Goa, India

With entry requirements out of the way, let’s look at the top attractions in Goa. There are many attractive places in Goa to visit during your stay in India. For your ease, we are shortlisting some of the top attractions in Goa below.

Mahadev Temple

The Mahadev Temple is located 12 kilometers north of Molem. The best thing about this site is the 8 centuries old structure here which is a significant source of attraction for tourists. 

This temple is in a remote locaiton, which is the main reason for its survival from Muslim and Portuguese colonialists. Legend has it that the Black Basalt temple, which was built to honour Lord Shiva, has a resident king cobra. 

For all the detailed work of artisan cravers, you can step inside the temple. You will also see the lotus flower on the ceiling of the temple!

Anjuna Market

There are a ton of markets in Goa, but not a single one has the liveliness or the wide range of products like the Anjuna Market. Vendors have been setting up shops for 50 years alongside Anjuna Beach. Anjuna Market opens every Wednesday and included plenty of hippy-inspired trinkets and souvenirs to free-spirited travellers. 

You can find almost all types of lifestyle and garment products here, such as bikinis, t-shirts with sassy slogans, Ornate textiles, and magnets. If you don’t want to buy anything, visiting the Market for sightseeing is not a bad idea as there is plenty of interesting things that will catch your eye.

Dudhsagar Falls

Goa is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, but there are many attractive waterfalls here as well. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the prominent ones. It is a spectacular four-tiered waterfall over 300 meters tall. This makes it one of India’s highest waterfalls. To visit these falls, you can go by taxi or train while making your way through the beautiful village of Colem.

Portuguese-Indian Restaurants

As the name implies, you can enjoy the foods of both Portuguese and Indian origin in these restaurants. Food is one of the main attractions in Goa. This beautiful state of India is well-known for its unique cuisine that blends Goan and Portuguese flavors. 

You can try almost all types of foods here, including fresh-caught seafood and coconut. The most popular dishes of these restaurants include vindaloo and xacuti. The restaurants at which you can enjoy these dishes are Copperleaf, Porvorim, Zeebop, and Utorda Beach.

Popular Beaches

There are many famous beaches in Goa which makes it a natural attraction for tourists. Palolem Beach is, arguably, the most beautiful beach in Goa. Nearly every tourist visits this beach due to its crescent-shaped stretch of white sand. 

You can enjoy several outdoor activities such as kayaking, dolphin-sightseeing trips, swimming, and yoga classes. Colva Beach is another beautiful beach in Goa that is especially popular among domestic tourists. It has swaying palms with bronze sand. You will also see the cows sunbathing here next to the tourists. Renting Jet Skis or thrilling banana boat rides are some of the best enjoyments here!

Final Words

Thanks to its famous beaches, places of worship, and historical landmarks, there is plenty to see and do in Goa.

However, you must have to get your India e-Visa to visit these places. Luckily, you can get your India e-Visa by applying online 3 days before your trip!

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