Kenya Travel Advice: What Do You Need to Know Before You Go

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Thinking about an African safari once travel is back to normal? Read on for this post on Kenya travel advice before you go!

About Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is a country of rich history and culture. The primates inhabited the land for more than 20 million years. The first human hunter-gatherer groups started to live in the area already in the Paleolithic period.

We can only imagine all the mysteries and wonders these places hide since human life started there so early. Kenya went through colonization and many different hardships. Now, this is a presidential representative democratic republic, where the president is the head of the government, and the elected officials represent Kenya people.

Its economy is the largest in the central and eastern parts of Africa, with Nairobi functioning as the main commercial centre. Tourism is one of the main boosters of the economy.

Kenya’s Best Attractions

Next up on this Kenya travel advise list is all about what to see once there.

Starting with the fact that Kenya is the best place for people who have never been to Safari’s environment. An impressive amount of wildlife that can be spotted there is unbelievable. Kenya is famous for its biodiversity of 25 000 different wildlife species.

From elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, gazelles, to lions, cheetahs, leopards and so much more! Seeing that in person could make an experience for the life-time.

  • Many travel programmes include wildlife watching for the first days, and then relaxing at the tropical beach and enjoying the watersports during the rest of the stay.
  • For all flamingo lovers, visit Lake Nakuru or Lake Bogoria for some unforgettable sensations! The birds live in big groups; thus, the experience is even more incredible. If you love birds, Kenya has more than a thousand different species to observe.
  • Besides animal encountering, Kenya has some great hiking opportunities. For all the passionate mountain travellers, there is a lot to explore in the Republic of Kenya.

Sleeping under the stars that some hotels offer, visiting ancient sites, wildlife watching,

exploring the mountain area, all of that is at your fingertips.

How to Prepare for Kenya’s Climate?

If you haven’t been to any tropical climate, please prepare carefully before visiting Kenya.

  1. As of for clothing, avoid heavy garments, and choose the clothing with natural material. The best would be cotton, linen, or rayon. Avoid silky fabrics as well, even though this is a natural fibre. Try picking clothes in khaki colours, so that you won’t distract the animals.
  1. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drinking water is essential, especially in a tropical climate.
  1. To avoid stomach problems, bring stomach aid with you. Try drinking coconut water or eating papaya. Your body needs to adjust to the new environment.
  1. Wear a hat or any head protection from the heat to avoid stroke.
  1. It may be a bit loud at night, and the mosquitoes may be more insistent and annoying. Thus, prepare yourself beforehand. Try using earplugs and a net around the bed to keep the bugs out. During the day use a protection spray for the bugs or some unique mosquito-proof clothing.
  1. Last, but not least. Read about the vaccinations that may be done before going to Kenya. There are many different vaccinations that you can do, and diseases you can be protected from.

What Kind of Visa Permit will you Need?

This vibrant and colourful country attracts many tourists. What permit should you prepare to travel to Kenya?

The answer is simple. E-Visa to Kenya allows you to travel to Kenya for tourism, business, and transit purposes. Apply for Kenya visa online!

The application process for an e-Visa to Kenya is very straightforward and effortless. It is not as tiresome as going to the embassy would be. The average processing time is 69 hours; however, it can take up to 14 days!

Make sure that you have prepared your e-Visa permit beforehand. You will need to provide some necessary information about your travel. The date of arrival, the addresses you’ll be staying at, your passport details, the details of your ticket.

E-Visa to Kenya costs 99 Euro, and it is a single-entry e-Visa. One stay can last up to 90 days.

Visiting Kenya is a once in a life-time experience. However, you need to be adequately prepared beforehand. Plan your journey carefully to avoid any inconveniences and enjoy your dream-journey!

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