6 Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling the OBX With Your Pet

Are you planning on travelling the OBX with your pet? While it’s great to have fun in the outer banks with your four-legged friend, you may face a few challenges along the way.

To help you avoid and issues and keep trouble at bay, here are six important things that must be remembered while travelling the OBX with your pet. For a pleasant travel experience, go through these suggestions and keep them in mind.

1. You May Not Always Find Your Buddy’s Favorite Food

Even though the Outer Banks region has many pet-friendly attractions, you may not always find your pet’s favourite food.

So, here’s a tip that you must keep in mind when packing for the trip — pack your buddy’s favourite food. Be sure to bring lots of their favourite dog treat so they can munch on it while travelling. It’s always better to prepare more than to worry about a shortage down the road. You can bribe them with treats if ever they get antsy because of the long drive.

2. Check Whether Your Pet is Healthy For the Trip

Your pet may not show signs of illness, but this doesn’t indicate that he/she is perfectly healthy for a long trip.

If your pet is injured, pregnant, recovering from an ailment, or has recently gone through surgery, you may want to postpone the trip or hire a caretaker. For a better idea, you must also consult your veterinarian.

Also, if your pet hasn’t travelled before, it’s best to start with a short weekend trip to prepare your buddy for the longer adventures.

3. Book a Pet-Friendly Accommodation

In the Outer Banks region, you can find plenty of pet-friendly stay homes and hotels. However, to ensure the comfort of your buddy, you must assess the quality of the pet-accommodations.

It’s important because, at times, the accommodation may not be as great as you might have expected.

For example, in many hotels, the pet accommodation facilities may be located far from where you will be staying. The surroundings of the accommodation area may also not be hygienic.

For choosing a good accommodation, explore different pet friendly rental options online and compare their ratings & reviews.

4. Know the Rules

Although the OBX is welcoming and friendly for pets, depending on the location, there are certain rules that all pet owners must follow.

For example, in Nags Head, a leash is compulsory, while the beaches of Kitty Hawk allow pets to roam freely between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To save yourself from last-minute inconveniences, always learn enough about the destination’s pet rules before visiting it.

5. Travel with a Pet Carrier or Crate

Travelling with a crate will make your trip easier and comfortable. Whether your pet is to be carried by you or someone else, the carrier will allow your little buddy’s easy transportation.

Ensure that the crate is spacious enough for your pet to stand up, sit, and lay down comfortably. It’s also crucial to have a handle on the outside of the crate, so the person carrying it is safe from bites and scratches.

Note that your pet may have to remain inside the crate for prolonged periods. Cover its base with an absorbent pad & don’t leave the leash inside the crate. It may get dirtied or entangled.

6. Create a Plan and Have a Great Time

With a large number of tourist attractions, the OBX map may overwhelm you. To make the most out of your OBX trip, prepare the day’s plan before leaving your rental.

Strolling in search of travel spots may waste your time & drain your buddy’s energy.

At the end of everything, have fun in OBX. It’s a great place to travel with your pet. Whether you talk about Jockey’s Ridge or Dog Park in Kitty Hawk, there’s a lot that you can do with your partner, so enjoy!

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