Beloved Cookie Recipes You Should Go Digging For Across America

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Cookies are awesome. We all know it. But if you want the best, where should you go? Where can you find them? 

In this post, we have all the answers. We run through some of the country’s most delectable cookies recipes and then best areas to place your order. By the end of this post, you’ll want to visit every corner of the country. 

Chocolate Chip And Walnut Cookies

What happens when you mix chocolate chips and walnuts? Well, you get something that tastes both sweet and sophisticated. And the best bit about this cookie? The makers always leave some parts of it undercooked and lumpy, giving you a dollop of moistness you nenever expected. 

You can pick this cookie up in bakeries in New York City. You’ll have to go looking for them, though: they’re few and far between. 

Junk Cookie

The next on the list is the junk cookie. Now you might say that all cookies are junk food, but why be a killjoy? The junk cookie – also called the garbage cookie – uses all sorts of miscellaneous items that you might find at the back of a baker’s pantry. You never quite know what you’re going to get, but common ingredients include coconut, walnuts, raisins, pecans and white chocolate. Again, these cookies can be big, so if you order one, you’re best off going with a friend. You can find them in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Habanero And Orange Cookies

What happens when you mix habanero chillies with zest of orange? Magic happens – that’s the answer. 

This recipe hails from Seattle and is an example of fusion cuisine that really works. You get the sweet citrusy notes of the orange, all backed up by the kick of the spice. 

It can be quite hot, so locals like to pair it with some plain vanilla ice cream. Add a couple of scoops to your plate, just to be on the safe side.

Oatmeal Cookie Pies

There are many oatmeal chocolate chip cookies you’ll love to make, but these are something special. Made in Memphis, they look a bit like Oreos, but have a creamier, thicker, more delicious filling. On the inside is a velvety white cream with two oatmeal cookies sandwiching it either side. 

Lavender Macarons

Are macarons cookies? Well, it depends on who you ask. However, they tend to be popular among people “in the know.” These delicious sweets stick with the conventional macaron formula but then add a touch of lavender to enhance the flavor and turn them purple. 

You can find them in San Antonio, Texas, close to commercial lavender harvests. You can’t really taste the lavender (it doesn’t taste of much), but you can certainly smell it. These cookies have a wonderful aroma you should try if you enjoy being adventurous with your food. 

Gingerbread Cookies

If you head over to Charleston, South Carolina, you’ll encounter gingerbread cookies – something originally imported from Britain. These are gooey and sumptuous, and make heavy use of ginger spice to give them their unique flavor. 

Ginger cookies are a holiday favorite, making for the perfect dessert after Christmas supper or a snack in the afternoon. You can also add them to kids’ stockings if you forget to buy them enough regular presents. 

Baked Cookie

There is a restaurant in Washington D.C. that sells an almost unique cookie. It’s actually more of a sandwich. On the outside are two regular cookie rounds – nothing you need to get too excited about. But on the inside is delicious white chocolate chip ice cream, and lots of it!

Essentially, it’s an ice cream sandwich with the cookies replacing the cone. Eating it is messy, but well worth it. 

Coconut Macaroons

You can get coconut macaroons all over the country, but one of the best places is Minneapolis. These are essentially delectable balls of desiccated coconut with toasted coconut around the edge. To get the most out of them, you’ll want to pair them with maple syrup, tapioca syrup and vanilla beans. 

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate mint cookies are to die for, so long as you get the amount of mint right. Too much, and it’ll taste like toothpaste.

You can get these cookies in San Francisco. If you buy them from a bakery, you’ll get mainly chocolate with just a hint of mint, like mint ice cream. 

Confetti Cookies

Lastly, confetti cookies – which you can find in Chicago – should be on your list. These feature a standard buttery cookie caked in multi-colored confetti candi pieces. They look like something a clown might eat.

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