Costa Rica Beach Hotels: Your Gateway to Jaco, Costa Rica

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With International travel opening back up, people are looking for beautiful destinations. We all have been cooped up for far too long.

One of the most beautiful destinations you will find is Jaco, in Costa Rica. A wonderful destination for those wishing to enjoy Costa Rica beach hotels, this city is rich with history and natural beauty. These hotels can give you that ocean side view while still enabling you to enjoy the best Jaco has to offer.

A little about Jaco, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Remarkably, the country abolished its army in 1948. In 1914 the Province of Puntarenas was formed. This is where you’ll find the city of Jaco. The national currency is the Colon, and most of the country’s GDP comes from tourism, which generates more revenue than bananas and coffee combined. Roughly five million people call it home and it shares borders with Nicaragua and Panama. Both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea make up the rest of its borders. 

A quarter of the population lives in the Capital, San Jose, which is 89 miles from Jaco. Jaco itself was founded in 1965 as a Hamlet. Jaco is one of the fastest-growing areas in Costa Rica, with its population almost doubling during peak tourism times. Jaco’s also quickly becoming a place where folks choose to retire. The peaceful beaches, oceanfront bars, and wonderful natural settings make it an ideal place to spend your twilight years. You can find more information here.


The main stretch in town is full of restaurants and bars. There’s something for everyone—from sushi made with the day’s catch to some of the best tacos you’ve ever had. With so many bars, there’s always a pub crawl available. The nightlife is great, with the main street becoming a party zone. There’s a host of clubs for those interested in clubbing. There are some of Costa Rica’s finest oceanside hotels you can choose from allowing you to get the best ocean view.

Jaco’s an hour’s drive from the nearest airport, Juan Santamaría International Airport. It’s also the closest surfing town from San Jose, with about an hour’s drive by taxi or rental vehicle, and up to an hour and a half by bus. The town is fairly large and it is recommended to book accommodations in advance, especially during the busiest season. This runs from December through April. In any season, however, you’ll find it’s a welcoming place and can serve as the heart of all your adventures.

Natural Wonders to take your breath away

Just an hour away you can find Manuel Antonio, National Park. There’s a little bit of everything to do at the Park. Horseback riding is a popular activity available to the public. You can also tour the rainforest to see some of the local wildlife. For those who like a bit of thrill, there are even zip lines through the jungle. Here is some more information on the park:

Though it’s the smallest national park in Costa Rica, the Manuel Antonio National Park is an important place. Many endangered species can be seen while you are here. This park features the highest biodiversity of any other park in Costa Rica. In this area, there are 109 mammal species, including the brown-throated three-toed sloth and three of four of the country’s monkey species. There is also a colourful array of 184 bird species, including toucans, woodpeckers, and potoos.

Water Activities

Snorkelling tours are popular in Costa Rica. Dolphins are easy to observe from the park as well as migrating whales. Kayaking is another activity that will connect you to the waters through the park. Hiking and mountain biking offer other opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the park. 

If you like to roll through the woods but mountain biking isn’t your style, you can speed it up by taking an ATV tour. There are plenty of roads, water crossings and mud for any ATV enthusiast. You can book most excursions through the tourist centres.

Costa Rica is also famous for its surfing. Right in Jaco, the waves are great for even beginners, with waves breaking on soft white sand. For those looking for a bit more of a challenge, the close by Playa Hermosa is recommended for surfers of higher skill levels. Jaco bay is well exposed to most swells.

For the beginner, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn how to surf. In no time, you’ll be riding waves. Many surf camps exist to get you started. There are also shops where you can buy or rent equipment to use during your time in Jaco. All of your surfing dreams can come true here.

There are tours of spectacular waterfalls you can take too. If bird watching is more your style, you’ll be able to look for those 184 species of birds in a variety of colours and shapes. The view from the top of Miro Mountain is spectacular but be prepared for quite the hike to get there.

It’s possible to rent a boat for a full or half a day, so you can catch your own dinner. Locals will point out the best spots for some sea fishing. 

A little more information for a safe experience

Keep your passport and id on you whenever possible. These are vital not only to get around and prove who you are, but also to protect these important documents— you need that passport to get home! Never leave your valuables unattended. Keep them in your hotel room, or have a trusted companion keep an eye on them. Show respect to the local residents who are helping you to have a good time, and you’ll make friends you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Jaco is a beautiful city, full of pura vida. The faces are friendly, and choosing the right hotel is easy to do. No matter what type of adventure you seek, Costa Rica’s coastal hotels are your portal to the adventure of a lifetime. With easy access to beaches, the national park and other exciting destinations, Jaco will become the heart of the adventure of a lifetime.

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