How Can You Make Cooking Less Stressful When Travelling?

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One of the best parts of travelling is the food you enjoy. The world offers endless options of cuisines and delicacies you can enjoy during your visits to various destinations. Whether for health reasons, to save money, or a love of learning new recipes, Regardless of your reason, cooking when you travel is not the same as cooking in your kitchen, which can be quite stressful. To help you to ease the stress of cooking away from home, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind. 

Keep your meals simple

You may not have the luxury to cook the way you want to when you travel, so do your best to keep your meals as simple as possible or stick to simple recipes. For example, instead of making an exotic Italian lasagna, try a simple noodle recipe and find ways to tweak it up. For instance, noodles are pretty simple and easy to make. But instead of going for a bland noodle dish, try a more flavoured and healthy recipe like a Vietnamese noodle bowl. The point is to stick to amazing recipes that require utensils and ingredients you can get easily. 

Cook in bulk

Even if you love cooking, you’ll want to save enough time to focus on other vacation activities. Cooking in bulk will save you a lot of time, ensuring that your next meal is ready and only needs heating up. You wouldn’t want to cook each time you need to eat during your trip. You can pick a convenient time to cook most of your meals, store them in plastic containers, and refrigerate them until you need them. But you need to ensure that you don’t cook more or fewer than you need, so take the time to plan your meals. 

Be open to new ingredients

Foreign countries can expose you to new ingredients and tastes, from new spices to exotic fruits and vegetables. If you cannot find the ingredients you usually use in your meals at your destination’s local market, be open to trying new alternatives. Also, don’t be afraid to ask local shoppers or store managers questions if you’re not sure about some ingredients. If you’re too shy, you can use apps like Google Translate’s camera feature to give you some translation.

Research the best places to purchase your ingredients

You may be used to the markets in your home which can make foreign markets confusing. Try searching for the best online platforms or stores to order your items from in your chosen destination. You can also speak to the locals like hotel attendants, Airbnb hosts, or taxi drivers for recommendations for the best local stores closest to you. During your research, keep the duration of your trip in mind, so you don’t buy more stuff than you may need. 

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