Why a Free Walking Tour Is the Best Way To Explore Dublin

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The vastness of Dublin’s history, stories, and culture far surpass the size of the city itself. This small vibrant capital is very much alive and kicking, with a rather mighty heart. To really know Dublin is to know how it came to be. This means getting to grips with the fascinating past that has played out here. 

That’s why a free walking tour of Dublin is an absolute must-do on your first full day in the city. Not only will you be sure to take in the must-see sights, such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College, and Temple Bar for example, but you will also learn what has shaped the character of the  Dublin you’re visiting today.

Reasons to explore Dublin with a free walking tour 

People have been somewhat wary of free tours, assuming they’re lesser quality tour experiences than traditionally paid tours. The game has changed big time, though. Free walking tours in Dublin have become the top-performing tours in the city. It’s the best way to explore the Irish capital with a local professional Dublin tour guide.

The longest-running Irish-owned free tour provider in Dublin, Generation Tours, has won multiple awards. Here are the top 10 reasons to explore Dublin with their free walking tour. 

  1. The guides are accredited, experienced, and young professionals, so top quality is guaranteed.
  2. You’re free to pay what you feel the tour was worth, or what you can afford, at the end; meaning zero risk of overpaying or feeling ripped off.
  3. You’ll see all the must-see sights as well as the hidden oddities and lesser-known curiosities of Dublin. 
  4. It’s the best way to get oriented with the city’s layout and streets on your first day, making it easy to navigate later without your guide.
  5. You’ll get unrivalled local insight and tips for the rest of your stay – where to go and where to avoid, dos and don’ts, the best spots for traditional Irish food, and where you’ll really find the tastiest fish and chips! 
  6.  You’ll meet like-minded fellow travellers; great for solo travellers! 
  7. You’ll finish the tour with a deep understanding of contemporary Dublin and her people through learning about key events.
  8. With both morning and afternoon free tours of Dublin, you can choose a tour time that suits you best. 
  9. You’ll have the opportunity to snap some of the most visually striking pics of your trip, such as the Ha’Penny Bridge, unique colorful Georgian house doors, and Love Lane for example. 
  10. It makes what is a rather dense history and culture accessible and easy to understand without being reductive.

What do you experience on the Dublin free tour?

On the free walking tour in Dublin, you’ll journey through thousands of years of history, heritage, and culture. The topics covered include Irish mythology, folklore, and traditions. Also background on the first settlers, Viking & Medieval Dublin, colonization and British rule, rebellions and risings, literary greats, national identity, contemporary Dublin & Ireland, and much more. 

On the Dublin free walking tour, you will see all the key sites, monuments, and locations. These include Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, Trinity College, Grafton Street, Stephen’s Green, the Ha’Penny Bridge, O’ Connell Street, Temple Bar, The Spire, statues of Dublin, and lots more too. 

You’ll also get excellent tips and local knowledge from your guide, whether it be where to visit outside of the city for an authentic Irish experience, where to find the most delicious food at the best prices, and where to party like a local while avoiding the tourist traps. 

How to join free walking tours in Dublin

Joining a Dublin free walking tour is super easy. You can book your spot on the Generation Tours website, or you can just rock up to the meeting point at 3 Crown Alley in the Temple Bar district. 

The guides are always at the meeting point 15 minutes before the tours start at 11 a.m. and 1 pm. Just show them your booking or sign up directly with them. There are also free walking tours of Dublin in Spanish every day at 11 am from the same meeting point. 

Here are some helpful tips to know before joining a free walking tour in Dublin: 

  • comfy footwear is essential! Dublin is small and easily walked, but there are lot to see all around the capital, so expect to walk in the region of 5KM on most Dublin walking tours, 
  • dress for all weather! The weather is always unpredictable in Dublin, so be prepared for every eventuality; it might be sunny when you start, but you could very well be drenched by a spontaneous rain shower while learning all about the first Viking settlers,   
  • if you plan on doing multiple free tours, for example on different themes, try doing them with the same tour provider or company. Often, people book more tours when they have had a great first experience, so tour operators will be careful not to duplicate information across their different tour offerings, meaning you won’t risk wasting precious time seeing and hearing the same things twice.

Whether you’re here for a while or on a short break, doing a free tour of Dublin is a great way to see the city. Don’t miss it.

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