Copa Airlines Business Class Review – Is it Worth The Upgrade?

On my first international trip in 2+ years, I got the chance to try out several new (and new to me) lounges and airline products. This includes Copa Airlines business class on a flight between Cancun and Panama City. Here are my thoughts and whether or not it is worth the upgrade.

Check-In Experience

This Copa Airlines business class review got off to a sleepless start. Even though my flight departed at 5:55 AM, my Air Canada app (Star Alliance booking) suggested an arrival time at the Cancun airport a ridiculous four hours in advance. I could see this maybe being a requirement if travelling mid-day but not this early in the morning. I checked with the front desk airport clerk at the airport hotel I was staying in and she suggested three hours, even for a flight that early. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I left my hotel at 2:20 AM. This got me to the airport a full 45 minutes before security even opened up to the quiet terminal.🤦

Once security was open, the agent sent me to the check-in line. Confused as I was already checked in online, I made my way over to the Copa Airlines counter to find out that I needed to validate my Covid test, something I didn’t have and didn’t require. It took 30 minutes for the agent to figure this out. Then she asked for my visa, another piece of paper I did not need, for Panama at least. I didn’t realize (nor did she clarify) that she was looking for my Turkey e-visa…even though that was a layover. This took another 20 minutes to sort out. After all that I was still at my gate with over an hour and 40 minutes to spare. Suffice to say, four hours is not required for flights departing Cancun this early.

What Are Copa Airlines Business Class Seats Like?

Copa Airlines business class seats on their 737-800 are in a 2-2 configuration. The seats are very wide and plush with plenty of legroom in front.

They look to have been refinished recently and are quite stylish. The armrest has a USB charger and a headphone jack for the in-seat entertainment system. There are also analogue controls for the seat and footrest adjustments.

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The footrest is a bit odd and made me feel like I was at a dentist’s office. Still, I was asleep shortly after takeoff. This could be thanks to the very comfortable seat or the two hours of sleep I got the night before.

What is Copa Airlines Business Class In-Flight Entertainment Like?

The inflight entertainment system screens on Copa Airlines 737–800 business class seats are tucked in the armrest. I didn’t use it on my flight nor did I use Copa Showpass, the App for streaming to your personal device. I did look online afterwards and it does offer a decent selection of shows and movies.

What is Copa Airlines Business Class Service and Amenities Like?

There was no amenities kit on this two-hour flight and service was limited to drinks and snacks. The flight attendant did come by to introduce himself which was nice and when I said I would take a coffee before arrival, he came through and even woke me up to ask if I still wanted it.

What is Copa Airlines Business Class Food and Drink Like?

There was no meal service on this Copa of 737–800 business class review. Meal service is limited to flights of 3:30 or longer. If you’re wondering if Copa business class is worth an upgrade, this is a factor to consider.


Overall, my first impression of Copa Airlines is mixed. The counter service at check-in left a lot for improvement but they have likely contracted employees as is the case at most airports. The seats are extremely comfortable and with Star Alliance options limited to Copa and Avianca in this part of the world, Copa is the better option in my opinion. I would be interested in flying with them on a longer flight to get a full appreciation though.

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What say you?
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