A Peek inside the Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge

On recent redeye trip across the country, I decided to bump up my flight to business class. This was done in an effort to get some shuteye on the long flight but also, selfishly, to get a peek inside the Vancouver Maple Leaf lounge for a review. Here’s how it looks:


As I was flying within Canada, this peek inside the Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge takes place in the terminals domestic location. It is located shortly after security in the domestic wing

Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge


Amenities inside the Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge are pretty standard for domestic lounges. Similar to what I found in Edmonton Maple Leaf Lounge, there are comfy chairs, a quiet area, and business Center. More importantly, Wi-Fi is free and the bar is stocked.

Food and Drink

I was let down by the food inside the Vancouver Maple Leaf lounge. As we were taking a late redeye flight I assumed I would hit dinner service in the lounge. Instead we found bean salad, split pea soup, and hummus. Pretty much everything you don’t want to eat before getting on the five-hour trip in a pressurized metal tube. On the plus, Guinness is on tap and is self-serve.

Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge

Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge

At least the drinks were plentiful inside the Miami Avianca lounge.

How to get in

Similar to the Toronto and Edmonton Maple leaf Lounges, getting inside is included in your business-class or higher ticket…even if books on points. If you’re not flying business class, you still have options:

  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Club – You can purchase an annual membership that will give you access to Air Canada and affiliated lounges. ~$ 375+ per year
  • For a small fee ($25/$50) you can purchase access inside the Edmonton Maple Leaf Lounge when you check-in online.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.30.30 PM

Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge


 Inside the Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge Good to Know

Includes: Food, drink, and preflight cocktails.
Don’t Miss: the bar.

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Vancouver Maple Leaf Lounge

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