Visiting Batu Caves From Kuala Lumpur


I knew very little of Kuala Lumpur beyond image of a massive staircase leading to a cave. Next to it an equally massive golden statue standing guard. This image alone led me to Kuala Lumpur and visiting Batu Caves. Thanks to my day out with Kuala Lumpur Tours I’m able to share my time visiting Batu Caves with you all.

The Long Climb

Not surprisingly, Kuala Lumpur’s humid heat didn’t show in that iconic image that drew me in. Nor did the sweat the 272 steps produced. Our Kuala Lumpur Tour started by visiting Batu Caves early in the day so the high heat was far off and something I couldn’t imagine. I also couldn’t imagine doing it with the crowds, something we also avoided. During the festival of Thaipusam, Batu Caves receives a pilgrimage of thousands of barefoot Hindus there to pay their respects. An amazing sight I’m sure, but glad to have this climb to myself.


Monkey Business

Along with Hindu temple’s the Batu Caves are home to chickens, bats, and plenty of monkeys. The Sweaty climb up was made a little more enjoyable by silly monkeys doing silly monkey things. Side note, watch your bags and don’t take any food with you. These monkeys may look cute but they won’t hesitate to steal your stuff.

Inside the Shrines

Of course, visiting Batu Caves isn’t about sweaty steps and cute creatures. Once inside you will find one of the most popular Hindu shrines beyond India. Temple Cave and Cathedral Cave are the biggest and most visited shrines with many Hindu paintings and statues within.

Visiting Batu Caves

In the end, visiting Batu Caves provided motivation to get to Kuala Lumpur, a city that turned out to be a favourite of mine on my Southeast Asia leg. Visiting Batu Caves with Kuala Lumpur Tours made it that much better as we got there before the heat and crowds showed up. On the climb down we could feel the heat and see the tour buses coming.

Well played Kuala Lumpur Tours.

 Visiting Batu Caves Good to Know

Entrance Fee: Free!
Tips: arrive early to avoid heat and crowds.
Don’t Miss: the views!

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Although my time visiting Batu Caves was complimentary with Kuala Lumpur Tours,
the experience, opinions, and sweaty climb was my own.

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