5 Uniquely Odd Seattle Sights


From a distance, this tech savvy and aerospace engineering city looks polished and straight. Look a little deeper and you will find some seriously strange sights that can only be described as uniquely odd Seattle. You can blame it on the rain. You can blame it on ample supply of evergreen fresh air. Either way, Seattle has its share of strange. Public art installations that include a troll guarding an underpass and a wall filled with chewing gum (for a limited time) are yours to explorer.

If the Space Needle bores you or you are tired of seeing a Starbucks on every corner, give these uniquely odd Seattle sights a try.

Gum wall

The Market Theater Gum Wall takes street art to a whole new level. This sticky uniquely odd Seattle sight is a favourite with tourists and attracts people of all ages who want to take a picture or contribute to this “piece.” Those looking to enjoy this uniquely Seattle site will get their chance to start fresh as the chewing gum wall recently got scrapped off.

Germaphobes rejoice.



The historic music scene of this grunge city is well represented at the Experience Music Project. Memorabilia from Seattle rockers like Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam can be found here alongside interactive displays and one odd musical sculpture featuring over 100 instruments. Although uniquely Seattle, that is not why this museum makes this odd list. Look a little deeper and you will find a quirky collection of science fiction artifacts ranging from film to literature as well as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. Nerds, you are welcome.


After touring the Pacific Northwest’s rock and roll past why not catch a show and experience its music of now? Check the schedule of upcoming Seattle concerts for more info!

Bad Art

Is there anything better than REALLY bad art?? It doesn’t get much worse than the Official Bad Art Museum of Art. Shockingly bad portraits, confusing landscapes, and straight up odd paintings await you at this uniquely odd Seattle museum.

Art lover? Keep moving. Love to laugh? Than this is for you.

Freemont Rocket

The Fremont neighborhood fascination with Cold War memorabilia continues with this uniquely odd Seattle art installation. In Northwest Seattle you will find this massive 1950’s styled rocket towering above North 35th Street.


One just needs to refer to the neighborhood motto of “Freedom to be Peculiar” to find justification. Also, Fremont is lovingly referred to as “The Center of the Universe” so finding a rocket there is only fitting don’t you think?

via Flickr CC @Eugene Kim
via Flickr CC @Eugene Kim

Freemont Troll

Quietly tucked away under the George Washington Memorial Bridge lurks one of Seattle’s strangest residence. The Fremont troll has been guarding the area against drug dealers and other undesirable types for close to 25 years.

And yes, that is a real Volkswagen Beetle in his clutches.

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