5 Things to do in Queenstown that aren’t Extreme

5 Things to do in Queenstown that aren't Extreme 5

From jumping out of planes to falling off of bridges, Queenstown is where extreme sports fans go to play. But what if you like your feet to remain on the ground? What if you find Indian food adventurous or the Hobbit series too graphic? Don’t fret, here are 5 things to do in Queenstown that aren’t extreme.

Kiwi & Bird Life Park

Although the Kiwi bird is pretty badass, strolling through the Kiwi & Bird Life Park is a great non-extreme activity in Queenstown. Don’t miss the Kea and the ever-curious pūkeko bird.

Milford Sound

Although it is a bit of a distance, a visit to Queenstown is not complete without heading to Milford Sound. Looking for extreme views on the way? Take Real Journeys Milford Sound coach and cruise tour for a surprisingly awesome glass rooftop bus on the surprisingly awesome 4 hour drive.

Lake Wakatipu Ride

No matter the season, a stroll or bike ride along the Lake Wakatipu Ride is a great activity in Queenstown that isn’t extreme. Looking to make it a bit spicy? Head to Caribe Latin Kitchen for one of their Chilli hot chocolates to go.

Skyline Views

For some amazing Queenstown scenery without being shoved out of an airplane, head up to the gondola to Skyline. There you will find restaurants and exhibits on Maori culture, and stargazing tours . Looking for a little adventure? Try the luge track! Don’t worry, it’s not as extreme as it sounds.

Lake Wakatipu Cruise

You can take a jet boat or even a submersible jet-ski if you’re looking to get the blood flowing on Lake Wakatipu. Otherwise there are plenty of cruises such as Real Journeys steam ship that offer stunning mountain views…with jet boats and jet-skis buzzing in the background.



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