5 Awesome Things To do in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee, home of the blues and the resting place of Elvis Presley. With a city so immersed in music history comes plenty of cool sights and activities, making it one of the liveliest places to visit in the Southern states. With that in mind here are five awesome things to do in Memphis.

Visit Graceland


First up on this list of awesome things to do in Memphis is what the city is best known for, Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Although some consider Graceland a tacky tourist trap, don’t skip it! Elvis fan or not, there are a lot of interesting and awesome things to see on the site where the King of Rock and Roll spent his last 20 years. Inside, you’ll get a look at Elvis’ lavish lifestyle that included customized airplanes, costumes, and furniture. You’ll also view instruments he once played and a collection of his gold records.

If you’re looking for unique  accommodations in Memphis, consider the Heartbreak Hotel. This Elvis-themed hotel is located across the street from Graceland and is a fun choice for any music fan. When planning your trip to Memphis, be sure to book a hotel that puts you in close proximity to your favorite attractions so you can make the most of your trip.

Get your Rock on at The Gibson Guitar Factory

Things To do in Memphis

When it comes to music, Memphis isn’t just about the blues. With a Gibson guitar factory in downtown Memphis, the city has had a hand in shaping the global music scene. Gibson guitars are known and loved around the world. Artists such as Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, John Lennon, and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page have crafted their sound with Gibson guitars. Touring the Memphis Gibson Guitar Factory costs $10 and takes you behind the scenes, displaying the craftwork that goes into these beautiful guitars. Tours last roughly 45 minutes and are very popular, so it’s best to book ahead.

Beale Street

Things To do in Memphis

Although the King of Rock and Roll died in Memphis, the music lives on. Memphis is known both as Blues City and Home of the Blues, as well as the Birthplace of Rock and Roll, so seeing a show (or several) is a must. Thankfully there is no shortage of venues and musicians in Memphis. Head to Beale Street for a bar crawl and experience the lively music scene for yourself. Beal Street turns pedestrians-only in the evenings, and alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed on the street and from bar to bar.

Cruise the Mighty Mississippi

Things To do in Memphis

Arguably the world’s most recognizable river by name alone, the Mississippi divides Memphis and the state of Arkansas. Get your Tom Sawyer on and head out for a lazy sightseeing tour. Several riverboat tour operators offer a slow float down the Mississippi, most of which last a couple of hours and cost around $25. Take in the views while enjoying the commentary along this historic and important river.

BBQ All the Things!

Things To do in Memphis

Last up on this list of awesome things to do in Memphis is eat. It can be said that Memphis does three things right; the blues, rock and roll, and ribs. Along with Texas, the Carolinas, and Kansas City, Memphis-style barbecue is one of the four regional styles of barbecue in the USA. To say it simply, Memphis barbecue is not to be missed and can be enjoyed throughout town. Dishes to try are ribs (wet and/or dry), barbecue pizza, and pulled pork nachos! Don’t forget the napkins.

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