Useful Tips For Taking Great Underwater Photos

The technology of photography has exploded in the technology age, with digital systems so popular you can take pictures just about anywhere with a number of different devices. With underwater cameras, you can explore the depths and take vivid pictures of your diving adventures. Take great shots of your diving vacation, fun around the pool or take exciting fishing videos.

It’s not only the expensive professional cameras that are able to take quality underwater pictures anymore. There are several different point-and-click cameras for beginners, the GoPro systems for sports photography and even some smartphones have waterproof casings.

Whatever equipment you have, if you are a beginner and are only used to taking pictures on dry land, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind. Taking underwater photos can be very different and it’s good to keep these things in mind to get the best quality photos.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just as with any type of skill, underwater photography takes some practice. Before heading into the deep for the first time, do a little experimenting with your camera in some shallow water. Take it out in the pool the first time so that you can play around with the camera’s features and settings. You will get to learn how to get the right setup going for when you are out in the water.

Shoot In the Sun

Visibility is the biggest hazard of trying to get clear and focused underwater shots. You will want to have as much filtered sunlight coming down into the water as possible, so your clarity will naturally be brighter on a sunny day as opposed to when there is cloud cover. Some cameras have flashes that can help to add some clarity and definition to your shots.

Get Up Close

The closer you can get to your main subject the better. Remembering that light is what really makes your colours stand out, you want to get a well-lit shot from up close to really get some keepers. There is so much microscopic debris even in the clearest waters, that your camera can pick up everything in between you and your subject, so don’t be shy.

Take Your Time

Everything seems to move at a slower pace beneath the waves, so take your time with your photos. Keeping a steady hand and waiting for good framing on your shot will help you take better quality pictures. Your camera should be set with a longer shutter speed to take advantage of all the filtered light that you can. This causes your camera to take slower pictures so be patient and keep still.

Keep Snapping

The best way to get a good amount of clear and crisp shots is to take lots and lots of pictures. Underwater shooting comes with a lot of duds. Don’t get discouraged because it is just the nature of the game. The more photos you take the more likely you are to get some great ones — try taking quick successions of photos of the same subject and you will likely see at least one of them turn out great.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. I didn’t know that setting the camera for a longer shutter speed can improve underwater shots, I’m definitely taking a note of that.

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