How to Find Cheap Transportation Options for Your Next Trip

If you want to travel around the world at the lowest cost, you have to become good at finding cheap ways to travel. While it can seem overwhelming at times, it’s made easier with a number of tools and apps. Let’s look at how to find cheap transportation options using these tools and tricks.

Consider Connecting Flights

First up on this list of tips on how to find cheap transportation is all about being flexible.

It’s convenient to fly directly from one destination to the next, but, sometimes, convenience costs extra in the world of transportation. It’s also important to understand that direct flights charge you on how much demand there is on that route, i.e., the number of people who want to travel that route and how many airlines fly that it. 

Flying to a city close to your destination and then taking a car, train or bus can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars depending on the destination. Some flight search engines let you find airports within a certain radius of the city you are going to. You can then arrange different, cheaper options for getting to where you need to go.

Adding one or more connections to your flight can bring the cost down. A longer connection is likely to be cheaper than a direct flight, and if the connecting airport is in a city you might like to visit, you can include an overnight stay to make the most of the trip.

Book Early and Fly Overnight

Another way to save money is by booking flights at less popular times. Late evening or very early morning flights will be cheaper than flights leaving midday. 

Also, try and book flights in advance. The nearer the date of travel you book a flight, the more expensive it will be. If possible, cash in frequent traveler airmiles to fly for less, or if you have enough miles accrued, for free. 

Use Search Tools to Find Cheap Flights

Some travellers book flights by opening an app or website, searching for their destination, and booking the first flight they see. While this works for many, there are better ways. To find the cheapest flights, you must know what to look for and how to search for them.

Different search tools like Google Flights show you a variety of airlines for specific dates, routes, and destinations so you can find cheaper ones. You can use Going’s Google Flights tutorial to learn how to find these more affordable flights.

Additionally, you can use these search tools to find connecting flights. Doing this can save you money and allows you to explore a new city or destination if you have more than a couple of hours to wait for the connecting flight.

Check Buses and Trains

As mentioned, buses can be an excellent option for getting from an airport to your destination.

The cost of a train ride can vary greatly, with different options being cheaper, the same price, or more expensive than buses. However, they are a very convenient option in many countries, especially in Europe. There aren’t too many websites that cover train routes for vast areas, but you can find ones that show you what trains are available and their schedules in specific countries.

Be prepared to take a less obvious route if you want to save money. Instead of booking a direct train, look for one with connections, as the tickets will be cheaper. Don’t travel during peak hours. Off-peak travel is cheaper, often by a lot. You may also be able to save money by booking bus and train tickets in advance. Booking last-minute tickets, especially on the day of travel, is always more expensive. 

Download a Ride Hailing App

Ride-hailing options are a safe and efficient way to get around. Local taxis or cabs are usually more expensive than ride-hailing options, so they are a great way to get cheap transportation in many countries. All you need to do is to download an app, pick a destination, confirm your details, and get the ride. Some countries also have local ride-sharing services so be sure to check ahead on what apps to download.

You should always consider the cost of transportation when planning a trip. Apart from your flight, you should also consider how you will move around in your destination. If you are wondering how to find cheap transportation, options like buses, trains, ride-sharing, and ride-hailing services can help keep costs low with a trade-off of, sometimes, being less convenient. If you are flexible with your time, there are ways to save.

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