How to Travel to Bali on a College Budget


The ability to travel and explore the world as a student is essential in growth. It allows you to explore other cultures and appreciate the way of life beyond what you are used to. In addition to travelling, a student should be able to travel on a budget. Students will be faced with many expenses, hence it is essential to save money on travelling. Here are some proven tips for travelling to Bali on a college budget.

Book Online in Advance

If you do Bali on a college budget, make sure you book in advance. There are abundant infrastructures for tourists that you can check out on the Internet. There are many things you can book online, like accommodation, drivers, etc.

Travel in a Group

If you want to save on your trip to Bali, consider group travel. There is a possibility that a couple of your friends are already thinking of a trip to Bali. This is your chance to turn this to reality and save money at the same time.

You get to split the cost of grocery, transportation, and other activities. Often, these things get cheaper when there are more people involved. Even if you have an assignment, essay, or term paper to write, you can consider using services like to know about various online helpers that will do your paper. 

Schedule Your Trip to Off-peak period


If you are considering a trip to Bali during your Summer Break, you should reconsider if you are on a budget. You are at a better advantage of going when the rush period is over. If you are up for it, go to Bali during the fall or winter.

Try and visit Bali during the coldest month, which is usually the beginning of the year. This is where your research skill comes in.

Eat Like a Local

Your vacation to Bali will not be complete if you do not taste the local delicacies anyway. As a result, forget about the Westernized restaurants that cater to tourists majorly. The fees are not worth it.

With this in mind, consider eating at the local markets. There are early morning and night markets in Bali offering cheap Indonesian delicacies. This will go a long way to help you maintain your budget.

Pay With Cash

Last up on this list of how to experience Bali on a college budget is all about how you spend your money once there. You might not be able to pay for services in many places in Bali with your credit cards. Even if some services have such a feature, additional service charges could exist. With this, make sure you load yourself with enough cash once arriving at the airport.

Also, remember that you need a debit card that will not have excessive transaction fees. Some credit cards have no foreign transaction fees, try and consider it. The little you will save from credit card charges here, and there could be of great help.


Nothing should stop you from visiting Bali, not even finances. We have explored the top ways to travel to Bali, even if you are on a budget. Recently, while telling my roommate that I need help with my math homework we discussed preparing for my trip to Bali. Its food, culture, and beaches came up. Not going because I was on a college budget, did not. It is a destination every student must see.

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