Is Private Jet Chartering Likely to Become a More Popular Form of Executive Travel in the Future?

Could private jet chartering be the future of executive travel? If current trends are anything to go by then the answer is a definite yes.

As private jets become cheaper to charter, businesses have started to really see the benefits of letting their employees travel privately. Private jets are no longer considered exclusive to the rich and famous and below we’ll look at why they’re becoming more popular with executive travel.

The affordability of Private Jet Chartering

While private jet chartering certainly aren’t cheap, they are much more affordable than they once were. This in part is thanks to an influx of start-up companies enabling passengers to book single seats, rather than an entire plane. Some companies even offer really competitive prices for chartering the entire jet.

Empty leg seats have also enabled smaller businesses to afford executive private jet travel. This is basically where an airline offers reduced rates on jets which are returning from a particular destination without any passengers. Rather than leaving the jet empty, the company sells off the empty seats at a very low cost.

So, the affordability of private jet chartering is making it a much more attainable option for businesses across the UK and beyond. However, it isn’t just the cheaper cost which is drawing executive travellers in.

The benefits of Private Jet Chartering

There’s a lot of benefits business travellers can experience when flying on a private jet rather than a commercial airline. The seats are often much more comfortable, which enables you to really relax and unwind. Private jets are also typically smaller, which means there aren’t as many passengers. This means you don’t need to worry about being on a noisy flight; something else which really reduces the stress of travelling.

Another major advantage is the time it takes to reach a destination. There’s no need to spend hours waiting to go through check-in. Instead, it takes just approximately 20 minutes to check-in and set off on your journey. As they are able to land at much smaller airports, it also typically takes a lot less time to reach your destination.

Overall, it is likely that more executives will start to realize the benefits of travelling by private jet charter in the future. When it comes to business travel, you really can’t beat the quiet, luxurious and comfortable experience you get in a private jet.

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