5 Jobs That Allow You To Travel

It’s safe to say that everyone wants a job that gives them some freedom. Thankfully, the world today is more connected than ever. With this comes a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Today, you can be a customer service representative of a company in Asia, while you reside in the UK. And this is one of the greatest feats of the internet, which is making the world more accessible.

If you are someone who loves to travel to see the world, you can find a job that allows you to do that and make some money at the same time. There are many options that you can choose from depending on your travel destination. If this appeals to you, here are five jobs that allow you to travel the world.

ESL Teacher

Yes! You can earn a good income by teaching the English language while travelling. Countries located in East Asia including Japan, South Korea, and China are known to offer some of the highest wages. That said, you can build a career teaching English as a second language in other parts of the world. The best part is that your students cut across all ages. This means you get to meet people of all works of life while learning about their cultures and creating amazing memories while travelling.

Online Tutor

The world of today is structured in such a way that you are only a click or two from learning something new. Whether you are enrolling in an online school to obtain a diploma or you want to learn to program, there is something for everyone. Being an online tutor means that you can host classes anywhere you are on the planet. Choose a field that you are extremely knowledgeable in and create an online profile where you can connect with people who want to learn what you know.

Travel Photography

One of the most exciting jobs that allow you to travel is capturing unique images on your journeys. If you love photography, then this job is for you. All you need is a high-resolution camera and great eyes for shooting the right angles. A little editing knowledge will go a long way in bringing out the best in your photography. The tourism industry is always in need of travel photographers, although competitive, you stand a chance of earning a full-time income. Put your photographs up for sale on websites like Creative Markets.


It’s no longer news that you can make a lot of money by uploading unique video content on YouTube. The great thing about this job is that you can do it anywhere you are in the world, and all you need is a video recording device. Many YouTubers use their mobile phones. There are many ways that you can get creative with videos you make while you travel. It can take a while before your YouTube channel becomes profitable, but it is worth the time and effort.

Voice Over

Last up on this list of jobs that allow you to travel is voice over acting. You do not need a recording studio to become a voice-over artist, what you need is basic recording equipment that gives you some mobility. You can send your voice over’s to Voquent where you will get connected with clients who need your unique voice for their projects.

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