Can You Take a Vape on a Plane? A Vaping and Travel Guide

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By Oliver Norman, Content Marketing Manager, EDGE Vaping

In recent years, vaping has become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional tobacco products. As more people embrace this trend, it’s important to understand the regulations surrounding vaping devices and their use, especially when it comes to travel. Here, we’ll address common questions about taking a vape on a plane in the UK and offer practical tips for a hassle-free travel experience.

Can you vape on a plane?

Using electronic cigarettes and vaping devices on planes is prohibited. This rule exists to maintain air quality in the confined space of the plane and to reduce the risk of potential fire hazards. Using a vape on a plane can result in significant consequences, including fines and even being banned from future flights with the airline. If you are flying abroad and incur a ban, you may find it difficult and more expensive to return home. Additionally, if you are caught vaping on a plane, you may find that insurance companies charge you higher premiums on their travel insurance packages.

Airlines that fly to and from Britain, including British Airways, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic all state that vape devices should not be used anywhere on the plane, including the toilets, which are usually fitted with smoke detectors. 

You may also incur penalties if you vape in any British airport, which typically has designated smoking areas that you must go to if you wish to use your vape. 

Can you carry a vape on a plane in your hand luggage?

Although you can’t use your vaping device during the flight, you will most likely be allowed to carry it in your hand luggage. You should not attempt to take them out of your luggage, however, as showing any intent to vape may result in penalties. 

To ensure a smooth journey, it’s essential to pack your vaping devices properly. This includes removing batteries, using protective cases, and adhering to liquid limits. E-liquids should be stored in containers no larger than 100ml and placed in a clear plastic bag, just like other liquids. It’s important to check your airline’s policies before flying to ensure compliance with their rules.

Why are there rules against vaping and flying?

Vaping restrictions exist for a variety of reasons, including safety concerns and public health considerations. Despite the fact that vapes are less invasive than traditional tobacco products, vaping devices can pose potential risks to health due to the fact they contain nicotine, and the rules put in place by airlines aim to mitigate these risks. 

International aviation regulations also play a role in shaping the rules surrounding vaping devices on planes. If you are flying to another country, you should make sure you understand the laws of travelling with a vape device, otherwise, you may find that your device is confiscated in the airport on the other end, or that they will not allow you to bring it back home with you.

Tips for a hassle-free travel experience with a vape

To make sure your journey is as smooth as possible and you avoid any penalties associated with vaping, make sure to consider the following points:

  • Properly pack your vaping devices and e-liquids, ensuring that they comply with both airline and airport regulations
  • Research destination-specific vaping laws to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon arrival
  • Respect airline and airport rules regarding vaping devices, even if they seem strict or inconvenient
  • Consider alternatives to vaping during your flight, such as nicotine patches or gum, to help manage cravings
  • Purchase vaping products that meet UK regulations, instead of opting for cheaper, throwaway products that may contain more harmful substances

It’s crucial to stay informed and respectful of vaping regulations when flying in the UK and beyond. While you can generally carry your vaping device in your hand luggage, using a vape on a plane is prohibited. By properly packing your devices, researching destination-specific laws, and adhering to airline and airport rules, you can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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