7 Things to Do in Las Vegas with Older Parents

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Discover the best activities in Las Vegas with older parents

Would you like to do something nice for your parents? How about taking them on a trip to Las Vegas?

An increasing number of adult children are taking their older parents to Las Vegas because it offers enjoyable shows and attractions for older people over 60. These are not adult-oriented activities like gambling. Instead, they are adventures and experiences you can enjoy together. 

Below are the top seven things to do with your older parents in Las Vegas.

1) Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal

First up on this list of things to do in Las Vegas with older parents is checking out a classic act.

Wayne Newton is a cherished entertainer with a history of over six decades of performances in Las Vegas. He is currently the longest-running entertainer that is still performing in Las Vegas. While other Vegas legends only have impersonators to witness, you can see the actual Wayne Newton live at Bugsy’s Cabaret in the Flamingo Hotel.  

No entertainer is more enthusiastic and livelier than Wayne Newton, even at his advanced age. You will hear him sing, play various instruments, and tell stories of his historical career in Las Vegas. Older parents can certainly appreciate Wayne Newton’s long career, especially if they have followed it for decades. 

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2) The Hoover Dam

Your older parents may have visited the Hoover Dam when they were younger but never thought they would revisit it. Well, you can grant them another chance to relive their youth by taking them to visit the Hoover Dam just outside of Las Vegas.

The Hoover Dam is a massive manufactured dam over the Colorado River that attracts millions of tourists yearly. You can take your older parents on a guided tour of the dam to learn about its history and any updated information since the last time they visited. 

The American Society of Civil Engineers has named this national historic landmark one of the country’s seven modern civil engineering wonders. It takes a little more than 30 minutes to drive to the Hoover Dam from the Las Vegas Strip, but some tours can transport you and your parents there and back.  

3) The Mob Museum

Next up on this list of activities to enjoy in Las Vegas with older parents includes the darker side of the city.

Your parents are probably old enough to remember when the mafia was still active in the United States. For this reason, they’ll likely appreciate the mafia-themed exhibits at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. 

The Mob Museum is an educational tour about the history of the mafia in Las Vegas and other parts of the United States. You and your older parents will learn the real stories behind infamous mobsters like Whitey Bulger, Al Capone, and Tony Spilotro. The building has three floors of authentic artefacts, interactive displays, and exhibits.

4) The National Atomic Testing Museum

The 1950s was a decade of relentless atomic bomb testing in the United States. The American Government were convinced the threat of nuclear war was real, so they tested their atomic bombing capabilities in the Nevada desert. 

The National Atomic Testing Museum is dedicated to this period in the 1950s when atomic weapons testing was a regular occurrence in Nevada. You’ll learn about the Nevada sites where the testing took place and other interesting facts about that time. There are even exhibits of atomic bomb replicas, computers, and equipment associated with these activities.  

Your older parents may have been alive as children or young adults during this time. Therefore, they can relive this period in our nation’s history if they feel nostalgic about it. 

5) David Copperfield 

David Copperfield is another legendary performer with a long history in Las Vegas. He is a world-renowned magician who has given us all captivating performances for over four decades. Some of his most incredible tricks and illusions include walking through the Great Wall of China and making the Statue of Liberty disappear on live television. 

Your older parents are probably very familiar with David Copperfield, but have they ever seen him in person? Now is your chance to take your older parents to see David Copperfield to a live magic show at the David Copperfield Theatre of the MGM Grand Hotel. He’ll do everything from levitating over the audience to splitting his torso in half and reattaching it. 

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6) The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio Conservatory has 11,000+ flowers and plants of various colors and shapes. If you take your older parents to see them in the springtime, the flowers will fully blossom right before their eyes. They’ll want to walk around the conservatory for hours to see all the gorgeous plant life showcased here. 

In addition, the Botanical Gardens pays homage to exotic wildlife from the animal kingdom by displaying approximately 28 animal sculptures. These sculptures include zebras, tigers, lions, pink flamingos, and various species of birds.

7) The Neon Museum

Last up on this list of things to do in Las Vegas with older parents is checking out the Neon Boneyard.

Did your older parents ever visit Las Vegas over 30 years ago? If they did, they might remember some of the most iconic neon signs of famous hotels and buildings from Old Las Vegas. 

The Neon Museum is a two-acre neon signage boneyard featuring the most classic and iconic Las Vegas neon signs. It is an educational and visually pleasing exhibit that people of all ages can enjoy, especially older people like your parents. 


Older parents deserve to have good times too. They don’t have to let their age keep them from enjoying life to the fullest. Las Vegas is one of those rare cities where older parents can live out their dreams in their final years without any limitations. Now is the time to book reservations for your older parents to visit Las Vegas and enjoy as many shows and activities as they can handle. 

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