4 Reasons to Choose a Villa with a Private Pool in Sicily


Mediterranean climate alone, or with people you love. Suppose you are looking for the best destination to land for your holiday and book yourself a villa. Make sure you visit the travel agency website “Select Sicily“. This article will explore four reasons to choose a villa with a private pool in Sicily.

They are near the sea and some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.

Many Sicily villas with pools are located near many beautiful beaches. You will experience good rising and sun-tale scenery around the beaches near the sea. Some beaches, including the Idyllic beaches of San Vito lo Capo and Isola Bella in Taormina, have gorgeous views. The San Vito Capo beach has natural white sand and a backdrop of a rocky mountain. You can swim safely in aquamarine waters and grasp a granita. You will also enjoy histrionic stepped cliffs, which are above the beach at Scala Dei Turchi. There are unique Sicily Villas on the local beaches filled with aqua-blue lukewarm waters to make you relish your swimming and sunset. These beaches are tranquil of sea-firmed pebbles moderately than sand which you love walking on.

They are near the main destination of the island;

Sicily is full of unique features and cultural practices everyone enjoys seeing and learning. They have cultural melting pots which has been exciting for the contraries. This makes Sicily unique from other islands. The Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians, French, and Bourbons, among others left a mark on the culture. They also contain iconic landscapes that various poets have described over the years, and the fantastic food makes them stand out. To make the best of your visit, ensure you visit places like Taormina, Scopello, Cefalu, Noto and Agrigento to get new unforgettable experiences.

Sicily is also surrounded by small islands that you will enjoy visiting too. Some islands include the Aeolian Islands, the Egadi islands, and the Pelagie Islands.

They have fully equipped with the amenities a guest desires during its stay;

Getting your own villa with a private pool gives you access to many amenities depending on your wishes. Some amenities include a jacuzzi, barbecue, Internet access, sunbeds and umbrellas, and an outdoor dining table. All these amenities ensure you have a good time with your loved ones and enjoy your vacation. There is also a large garden for the children to play in and a swimming pool.

Lastly, Sicily villas are modernly designed and decorated with elements from the traditional Sicilian style that make them stand out from the rest.

They are the best solution for avoiding contact with other guests and favour social distancing.

Staying safe should be a number one priority while on vacation. It’s vital when choosing a vacation home to ensure they prioritise your safety. Choosing a Villa with a private pool offers privacy for you and your loved ones. It will also ensure a social distance from other guests who might have contagious diseases. You will have large outdoor and indoor spaces with a guarantee of safety and privacy in your environment.

Bottom Line!

Sicily is a beautiful vacation destination. To make the most of it, book a villa!

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