Best Camping Places in the USA

Outdoor activities, such as camping, require full gear preparations that include tents, sleeping bags, bikes, handy survival items, and a positive mindset to enjoy a pleasant trip. You might be wondering which places in the USA are the best sites. So for your next camping trip, you enjoy nature and make lifelong memories. One of the great things in the USA is that there are a lot of glorious mountains, scenic views, and dazzling lakes that will take your breath and allow for a fun camping holiday.

As we mentioned, this trip will require adequate gear, tools, and kits and you may find yourself searching for the most appropriate sleeping bags and tent. If you are about to go on one of your first camping trips or if you are looking to upgrade your gear, make sure to check Hyke & Byke for affordable and durable items. Your preparation and packing can either make or break the whole experience. That is why we start this article with several handy tips. Make sure you have the right clothes and gear for the temperatures and weather conditions expected. Once you are completely ready, it’s time to choose your preferred camping ground and enjoy nature. Let’s take a look at some of the USA campaign spots that you should visit at least once with your family or friends! 

Acadia National Park, Maine

This national park is located on Mount Desert Island, containing more than 6000 lakes and ponds and a huge surface of forest and scenic environment. The place is amazing due to the open hiking trails. But some of the camping sites might be closed during particular periods depending on the season.

Yosemite National Park, California

What’s better than the clean air and biological diversity that you can see in the national parks? The Yosemite National park is a national treasure that is rich in stunning views of lakes, rivers, glaciers, and waterfalls. The peak season for camping activities is between April and September. So it’s always a good idea to inform yourself of the timeframes when the park is open for campers

Arches National Park, Utah

The Arches National park might require you to have a previous reservation for camping. Because each of the campsites is in the desert and the place is an entire ecosystem of pines, cacti, and desert wildflowers. You can find hiking trails and this area is available to visitors for hiking tours and guided walks in the Fiery Furnace. 

Assateague Island National Park, Maryland

The Island place is a harsh habitat for hikers. You can prepare 6 months ahead for the journey. And have the planning schedule ready when the time comes for camping at this site. You can choose between campsites on the bayside, rich in dunes and sand. Or the ocean side where you can see breathtaking views and landmarks. One interesting activity that takes place at the Assateague Island National park is the herd of wild horses. These horses are inhabitants of the island and were brought there by the colonists in the 17th century. Since then, the site became popular for grooming horses and having livestock on the campground.

The Vineyards Campground And Cabins, Texas

We’ve taken a different approach to this camping site and chose one that might be pretty interesting and compelling for your next camping trip. The pro about this location is that you can have modern camping options, while the drawback is the nearby presence of urban areas. 

If it is to your liking, you can rent a lovely cabin that has WiFi and have a full camping experience. Afterwards, you can visit some of the wineries and festivals to taste some of the most amazing wines.

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area, Arizona

Fool Hollow Lake recreation area is a magnificent place with impressive natural colours, scenes, and a forest world. The benefit of camping at the lake recreation area is the accessibility of full year-round. But the disadvantage is it can get crowded during the busy seasons. So you might not get the peace you wanted in the first place.

It’s located in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and you can enjoy one of the largest desert bodies in the world. Your main activities there are hiking, climbing or strolling. This way you can have all of the clean air that you need. 

Cayo Costa State Park, Florida

Cayo Costa State Park has a 9-mile long natural shore with a preserved tropical ecosystem. You can access it via helicopter or boat. Unique wildlife, you can see sea life like sea turtles, manatees, and shorebirds on the campground. While you enjoy swimming, scuba diving, or snorkelling. There are also bathroom facilities and showers, so your camping will be complete.

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