Why Chicago Makes An Ideal Weekend Destination

Vacations don’t always have to be week-long excursions. Sometimes, the best trips take place over a single weekend! Big cities tend to make perfect weekend trips because there is so much to do in a smaller area. Because of everything it has in a walkable area, Chicago is one of the best cities to spend a weekend!

Make sure you don’t miss out on what Chicago has to offer. Plan ahead to choose the top places you want to see before heading out on the getaway.

With so much to do for families or couples looking to spark some romance, Chicago is a great weekend destination!

Great Food Scene

First up on why Chicago makes an ideal weekend destination is the food scene. One of the best parts of travelling is getting to sample food from a new place. New restaurants and styles of cooking can make any trip a success. In Chicago, there are restaurants everywhere! Many of them are well-known because of the unique dishes that they serve.

There is a good chance you will find a new favourite restaurant during a weekend trip to Chicago. You will never run out of options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Enjoy a steak dinner on the water or treat yourself to a fresh seafood feast. This could even be the place to try something entirely new that you might love.

Make the most out of a weekend trip to Chicago by sampling all the food that it has to offer.

Awesome Spots for Culture

After filling your belly with something delicious, you might want to spend some time taking in the culture that Chicago has to offer. Take a few hours to walk through one of the many museums in the big city. There is an amazing history museum for the history buffs or a science museum that the kids will love.

If museums aren’t your speed, maybe an art gallery will make your day more colourful. Chicago is home to the Art Institute, where you can enjoy art both old and new.

Museums and art galleries are definitely a wonderful experience, but sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good show. You can do that with ease in one of Chicago’s many theatres.

Enjoy musical performances, comedy shows, or dramatic interpretations on one of Chicago’s many stunning stages.

Enjoy the culture of the Windy City on your weekend away in any of the historic landmarks that make it so unique.


With so much to do in so little time, the feat of conquering Chicago might seem impossible. Don’t worry, it’s not! Chicago is completely walkable so you can see and do everything.

The walkability of Chicago will help you save some money since you won’t need to pay for expensive public transportation services all day.

Chicago might be a city, but it does not fall flat on the water views that it offers during your walk around. There are many attractions along Lake Michigan that are close in proximity!

One of the most popular attractions along the lakefront is Navy Pier. According to Cool Things Chicago, the Navy Pier features attractions for all ages, including a children’s museum and a Ferris wheel!

The Navy Pier also features a stunning botanical garden, its own theatre, and more restaurants than you can imagine.

Even though your weekend getaway is short, don’t miss out on the Navy Pier and the waterfront attractions it features.

Spectacular Architecture

The views in Chicago are to die for, which is largely thanks to the beautiful architecture of all the buildings.

The buildings in Chicago are amazing to look at. Some are extremely modern while others bring history to life.

The details in each building are truly breathtaking! Make sure to capture amazing pictures that will help you remember the experience forever.

Create a photo book from your weekend trip that you can look through as you please. Pictures will keep the memories you made safe forever, and might even be a source of inspiration one day!

Capture shots of the architecture that you may never see anywhere else in the world.

Accessible Airports

Next up on why Chicago makes an ideal weekend destination is its accessibility. O’HARE International Airport is in the perfect location to get you into the Windy City as soon as possible. Walk out of the airport and your adventure can begin!

Don’t let long travelling prevent you from experiencing the perfect weekend getaway. The airports in Chicago make it easy to experience everything it has to offer.

Sports Are A Big Deal

Last up on why Chicago makes an ideal weekend destination is the entertainment options. Sports fans will love spending time in Chicago because of the awesome sports atmosphere on every street.

Chicago is home to so many sporting venues. Most notably, visitors can tour Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play. There is also a fun park where the famed Coliseum used to stand. While it used to be home to indoor sporting fields, it now offers excitement for visitors looking to enjoy nature.

After touring one of the many sports venues, consider taking a stop at a sports bar. They seem to be on every street! Catch a quick game at the bar or just enjoy a few brews in a sporty setting that you love. Even if you don’t like sports, you will get into the spirit with the constant excitement in the city.

Heading to Chicago during baseball season is probably the most exciting time. Enjoy tailgating or watch the game from a local bar to make the most of the Chicago experience.

The wonderful sights and waterfront views in Chicago make it the perfect destination for a weekend away. Bring the kids to enjoy some Chicago kids activities or enjoy some alone time for an experience that you will never forget.

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