7 Tips for a First-Time Camper

Everyone has their favourite outdoor activities. Fishing, biking, running, and hunting are some pastimes that many people enjoy. Camping is another fun activity that can allow you to enjoy the outdoors as well! There are many ways to camp, some more glamorous than others. If you are looking to become one with nature, even if you are a first-time camper, a truly rustic experience is the way to go. Pitch a tent and bundle up to take in everything the wilderness has to offer.

Heading out into the woods for the first time might be scary, but it will be worth the amazing experience. You just have to be prepared! Take note of these seven helpful tips to make sure your first-time camper experience is one you will always remember.

Stock Up on Bug Spray and Sunblock

First up on this list of first-time camper experience tips is all about keeping you comfortable. The outdoors is a great place to be until you get a pesky bug bite or a bad sunburn. You can keep these nuisances at bay by simply bringing along enough bug spray and sunblock.

Spending time in the wilderness will mean insects you may never have seen before. Mosquitos will definitely crash your party, as will the common flies and gnats. Keep them a bit further away from you with the proper protective spray.

There are even some items that radiate bug repellent more naturally if you are looking to reduce the sprays on your skin.

In addition to bug spray, you also want to make sure you bring sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t forget about your scalp, nose, and ears especially!

Bring enough to last your whole camping trip to make sure you are protected the whole time.

Invest in a Sturdy Backpack

Camping often involves going on hikes to enjoy all you can get out of nature. For walks through the woods, you want to bring along a bag that can carry all your necessities.

A sturdy backpack that will support your water bottles, snacks, and other gear is so important. You don’t want the straps to break or your back to hurt over time!

Be able to stock it full of all the supplies you may need, from maps to bug spray and even a compass. Binoculars are also fun to have so you can watch the wildlife from a safe distance.

Make sure your backpack is roomy and tough enough to beat the rough life out in the wilderness. You never know what kind of adventure you will go on! You can find lots of great options at outdoor outfitters or at a hunting supplies company.

Don’t Forget Batteries!

When you go camping, there are many items you might need that require the power of batteries.

Even if your items are stocked with fresh batteries, it is always smart to bring a few extra. If one falls out or happens to die, you want to be prepared! You will need a battery-powered lantern. If that runs out of juice, you will be stuck in the dark for a while!

If you choose to bring a blowup air mattress, that will also need special batteries. Bring a few extra just in case something goes wrong. You can never be too prepared, so just bring the batteries that give your necessities life to have the most comfortable camping trip possible.

Get the Perfect Tent

Possibly one of the most important items to bring camping is the tent you plan to sleep in. The tent you choose will protect you from the elements and help you feel secure at night.

According to Alex Denholm at Gift Wits, tents for camping are all made a little differently. Depending on your needs, think about what kind of tent would suit you best.

Some are bigger and some are smaller, so it will depend on how much room you need. Families might need a bit more space than the couple on a romantic getaway!

Before setting out on your adventure, definitely take the time to practice setting it up. Every tent requires different steps so take note of the proper way to do it.

It would be tough to get out into the woods and not know where to begin! Enlist the help of your travel buddies to make sure it is secure.

Stay dry and safe inside a tent that makes you feel comfortable. It will also help keep out the critters!

Seal Your Snacks

Next up on this list of tips for a first-time camper is ensuring your food (and you) is sage. Even though you are out in the woods, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you love! Bring along all the food you enjoy but don’t forget to keep them sealed.

Wildlife will help themselves to the food you bring if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Stock up on bear-proof containers to keep your food secure. Do your best not to leave anything with food inside unattended. Those hungry bears and squirrels will make their way into your treats!

While you should not be afraid, you should do what you can to keep your food and drinks stashed somewhere safe.

Be Prepared for Noise

Being out in the wilderness means noises from various animals and wildlife. You should be prepared to hear some new sounds as the day and night progress.

If you are camping with other groups, you will definitely hear voices throughout the day and night. Earplugs might be a great investment to help you sleep a bit more soundly.

You should also think about bringing along headphones to block out some of the noisiness. You can wear them in your tent when you are winding down at the end of a long, adventurous day.

The sounds of nature are soothing, but can at times be startling. Be ready to experience sounds like you never had before when you are camping!

Think About Your Feet

Last up on this list of tips for a first-time camper is ensuring your feet are not forgotten. You might remember to bundle up in a jacket and bring along a hat, but you should not forget about the feet that carry you around all day!

A sturdy pair of shoes will get you through long days of hiking and trekking through rough terrain. Make sure the soles are tough to protect your feet from sharp rocks. It could always rain and puddles might be out there, so an extra few pairs of socks are also super important! A long day with wet feet is the absolute worst.

Camping can be super fun if you do it right. Consider following these seven tips to make your first outdoor adventure exciting! 

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