What Adventurers Absolutely Need For Their Next Road Trip To Scotland 

Travelling Scotland by road is one of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and find some hidden gems to visit. Scotland is a truly magical place to visit at any time of the year and a must-visit on any adventurer’s bucket list. There are many places to visit in Scotland, from bustling cities to historic whisky distilleries to sleepy seaside towns. Scotland also has some of the most stunning scenic driving routes throughout the country, making it perfect for a road trip. 

There are a few essentials any traveller needs on a road trip, and some that are specific to Scotland itself. You’ll need to plan for as many eventualities as you can think of, as well as the unpredictable Scottish weather. The car you take is one of the most important things, so it will need to be reliable and comfortable for the journey.  


A route is the first thing many people plan when considering a road trip, and Scotland has many famous routes to choose from. The option you use will depend on what you want to do and see while in Scotland and the time you have for your trip. There are options that can take you via some of the major cities before heading up to the beautiful natural surroundings of the highlands. Take a look at some of these Scottish road trip ideas for inspiration.  


It is best to plan where you’ll stay during your trip well in advance to get the best deals on accommodation. You can find a massive range of places to stay in Scotland, from holiday homes and apartments to hotels and B&Bs to camping sites. Booking early will not only help you find the best rates, but it will also ensure you get your pick of the best spots.  


There’s nothing wrong with a solo road trip adventure, but you might find it get a bit lonely on the road, particularly on longer drives. Taking someone with you can help keep you from getting bored or lonely and can help you out with driving when you get tired. It’s also always nice to have someone on hand to check for alternative routes, traffic conditions or weather updates. You could consider discussing your ideas with some close friends or family and see if you can find anyone who wants to come along.  


If you plan to travel to some of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, you’ll need to book ferry transport for you and your car. Places on the ferries during peak seasons can fill up quickly, so it is a good idea to book in advance. You’ll also need to plan ample time around your trip to ensure you don’t miss your allotted ferry.  

Camping Supplies 

Camping is a popular way to stay in Scotland, and wild camping is a great way to really explore the famous Scottish vistas. Wild camping is permitted throughout Scotland, making it a cost-effective way to visit the area. You can also rent spaces in campsites if you still want some creature comforts like showers and toilet facilities. 

You should prepare thoroughly if camping in Scotland, and research the type of weather you can expect while there. You’ll need a high-quality tent, sleeping bag, roll mats and thermal clothing, particularly if camping in the colder seasons.  

Electric Car 

When it comes to cars for your road trip, you can’t go wrong with an electric vehicle. The cost of your trip will be significantly reduced using an electric car, and your impact on the environment will be limited. Leasing an electric vehicle can be a great option, allowing you to use the best model and keep the car for your personal use after the trip. It is important to know your vehicle’s range and the places you can stop throughout Scotland to charge it up. LV ElectriX’s research can help you identify the right vehicle to choose for a Scottish road trip.  


The right clothes are essential for your trip to Scotland, and you should invest in plenty of waterproof items. Depending on the time of year you visit, it is also a good idea to buy some thermal underwear and plenty of layers so you can be confident you won’t get too cold on your adventures. A hat and gloves are also a good idea to protect from the elements. Scotland is warmer in spring and summer, but it still doesn’t often reach truly scorching temperatures. Bringing some lightweight layer options could be ideal for the warmer seasons.  


Whether you’re sticking to the cities or the countryside, good sturdy walking boots will be your best friend when exploring Scotland. If you’re doing a combination of both things, just make sure you bring some cleaning supplies so that you don’t track mud and dirt into your accommodation after a long hike. Make sure to choose waterproof, insulated options to keep your feet cosy and dry.  

Insect Repellent 

Midges are a common pest in the Highlands and one that you definitely need to prepare for. They are typically worst during summer and in swamp areas or near water. Midge bites can be unpleasant, so it is best to invest in plenty of midge repellent if you’re going during midge season. You can also get hats and other items to help protect you from the swarms.  

Portable Charger 

The last thing you want is to run out of change on your smartphone during your trip, particularly as our phones often double for our maps, tickets, and hotel booking information. Bringing a good-sized portable charger will help ensure you can use your phone whenever you need it and access all the vital information on it. It is also a good idea to download any routes and maps you need so that you can use them when you’re out of mobile service range.  


Buying admission tickets to the different events and attractions you plan to attend is a great option. It can help make planning your trip even easier and help you budget your money while you’re there. Look up things to do in advance and see if you can get a discounted rate for early booking. Of course, you should also keep some money in your budget for spontaneous activities and events when they arise.  

Fuel Stops 

As mentioned above, if you plan to drive throughout Scotland, it is essential to know exactly where you can stop along the way. This is doubly crucial for electric cars that may not get the same range as fuel-based cars and will have fewer fuelling options in far-flung areas. Consider making a list of all the suitable fuelling stations around your various destinations so that you will always know exactly where you can charge or fuel your car.  


A road trip through Scotland can be an incredible experience and an opportunity to see the country. You should plan carefully and make sure you bring everything you might need with you. You will need an excellent and reliable car to help you make the most of your trip and to ensure your safety and comfort while you travel. Make sure to plan your route early and do your homework to find out what things you want to do most while there. 

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