Why Travelling Solo When You Are in a Relationship Makes Sense

Travelling solo

One of the fastest growing travel trends in the world right now is travelling solo. Interest in solo travel extends far beyond young people now. Even older people who’ve been married for a long time are embracing the idea.

If you are in a relationship, your ideal travel situation is probably embarking on a trip with your significant other. What you don’t know is that travelling alone even when you are in a relationship can be just as fulfilling as travelling with your partner.

Here are some reasons why travelling solo when you are in a relationship makes sense:

An Opportunity to Think and Learn More About Yourself

Most of the breakthroughs in thinking, perception, and self-image come to us after a considerable amount of introspection. If you’ve been actively thinking about yourself and your life, you set your subconscious to work and the engines will still be rolling even when you are not thinking about your life at all.

An amazing thing will happen when ideas about yourself and how you can be better will start to come to you out of nowhere. This does not happen by accident. It can only happen if you have deliberately tasked both your conscious and subconscious mind to think about what you want and your station in life.

Since you will be all by yourself and you will have all the time in the world to do as you please with no one around budging you to attend to their needs, you will have a great opportunity to think about yourself and the directions your life can take. Thinking is the most important job you can do.

You Will Make New Friends

Solo travellers are always friendly to other people who have also hit the road on their own. You will be able to meet several solo travellers if you do the typical things solo travellers love to do.

Where you stay will determine to a large extent your ability to meet new people and make friends. A business hotel is not very friendly to solo pleasure travellers. The best option is to stay in hostels or couchsurf if you are on a budget, or stay in an adults-only resort if your budget allows. Make sure you aren’t staying at a family-friendly resort–since these resorts are more catered to families with young children.

Venues like as all-inclusive resorts give you an opportunity to interact with other travellers and make friends. Most have semi-formal dinners in the evening where the resort hosts a group dinner in one of the restaurants. This arrangement is perfect if you want to meet new people. Further, when you are travelling alone, you will find it easy to join whatever excursion group you want.

Learn How to Be Responsible for Your Own Happiness

People in relationships often make the mistake of outsourcing their happiness to their partners. You are the only person who can make you happy. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness and you must find ways to experience joy and fulfilment.

Vacationing solo cements this lesson in your mind and lets you know that you can take charge of your own happiness without relying on anyone else. This sense of self-confidence and self-reliance will spill into other areas of your life and you will see yourself become more calm and happy.

Grow out of Your Comfort Zone

You can only grow by pushing beyond your comfort zone to explore new possibilities. If you’ve never travelled alone before, the idea can seem scary. Once you embark on the journey, you will realize that it is actually very exhilarating and you will wonder why you hadn’t tried it before.

This is actually what will happen in every facet of your life as you push beyond your comfort zone. Every time you break through to the other side, you will realize that it wasn’t that bad after all and you will wonder why you hadn’t done it earlier. With this new realization, you can chart a bolder path toward your life goals knowing that you are capable of doing more than you currently give yourself credit for.

Land Yourself Some “Me” Time

We live in a world where we spend the best days of our lives attending to the demands and whims of other people. These people could be customers, bosses, partners, children, and even members of the clubs and associations we belong to.

It is amazing how little time we set aside to just treat ourselves. You totally deserve some “me” time where you can just relax and attend to your own wants and needs. Vacationing solo gives you the perfect opportunity to do this as you will only do what you want. You can switch off your phone and stay off the radar and no one will complain. There will be no boss to answer to and you can design your schedule as you please.

Do it For Yourself

Travelling Solo is the perfect time to spend thinking out your goals. Without personal goals, you can lead an aimless life with no clear targets to work toward. Setting goals and attaining them is a great source of joy. Getting some clarity on where you want to take your life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself during a solo vacation.

From travelling solo, you will see, learn, and do a lot. This type of travelling experience is way different if you were with your significant other or a group. Take this opportunity, to learn about yourself and the places you’re visiting–you’re likely to head home as a more positive and cultured person.

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