The Top Things to Do and See in Israel

Israel is a small but diverse country that appeals to several travellers, regardless of their faith or culture. But that’s not all. There is a lot to do and see in Israel. Visit one or more of these locations for a remarkable experience.

Dead Sea

First up on this of things to do and see in Israel is the famous Dead Sea. It’s the lowermost point on earth with several minerals that are ideal for your body. Floating on this sea gives a memorable experience. Be sure to rub your skin with the mineral-rich mud from the sea.

Jerusalem’s Old City

There’s a lot to do in Jerusalem city. But don’t leave before visiting the Old City of Jerusalem. The city is home to the Holy Sites of the three leading religious groups. Some of these sacred sites include the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Western (Wailing) Wall.

Baha’i Gardens

Also known as the Hanging Haifa Gardens. It’s an absolute beauty and a holy ground among members of Baha’i faith. Visit these grounds and learn about the Baha’i faith.

The Fort of Masada

Masada is the mountaintop fortress is in the Israeli desert. It was once the last holdout for Jewish members revolting against the Roman rule. Theirs is a sad story. After a long siege, these jews opted to die rather than surrender. Visit this fortress and enjoy this historic fortress.

Hezekiah Tunnels

The tunnels, once water sources for the ancient people, are located in the City of David outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem. Walkthrough these tunnels and experience the engineering done several years ago. Don’t forget; the walls are filled up to the knee with water.

The Western Wall

It plays a significant role for the Jews. At the onset of Sabbath, Friday night, the Jews go there to pray. But don’t get confused, the visible part is just a small section of the wall. Take a tour underground and enjoy this fantastic site. One of its structural rocks weighs over 500 tons and is 40-feet long.

Carmel Haggling Market

Last up on this list of things to do and see in Israel is the Carmel Haggling Market. It starts at Allenby Street through the clothing stores to the epicentre. It’s full of amazing smells and colours. Visit here and perfect your haggling skills.

Israel is home to several attraction sites and holy centres for three main religions. If you’re to visit, book a rental car in Israel to your destinations. It’ll save you time and money.

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