Must Knows For Canadians Exploring the UK

Are you a Canadian who wants to visit the United Kingdom? Well, in this article, we share some important Canadians exploring the UK need to know.

Book Your Trip in Advance

It is strongly advised to make a reservation in advance. This includes everything from transportation to and from the UK to housing for your stay and even visits to the many attractions in the country. To really take advantage of the best discounts, be sure to start looking around early, as travellers usually find the best savings if they book their vacation trip far in advance. As an example, if you book early enough, you won’t waste time waiting in queues for tickets at the box office and at other events you want to visit. So, do yourself a favour and get all the essential arrangements out of the way before you start the vacation.

Don’t Forget Your Debit and Credit cards

Don’t leave the house or hotel without your credit card for easy shopping in the UK. Because most establishments in the United Kingdom accept credit cards, you won’t have to worry about finding a location to exchange your Canadian dollars (CAD) for British pounds. If you intend to go shopping, have a VISA or Mastercard on hand just in case. Don’t forget to set up and use a multi-currency account to spend CAD in the UK for your convenience.

Prepare Your Packing List 

Be sure to prepare your luggage in advance, as well. Nothing is worse than getting inside your hotel room just to realize you forgot something very important. 

One of the most important things to take with you to the United Kingdom is an umbrella or a raincoat. Rain is expected in London, especially during the colder months. Bring a pair or two of your comfortable footwear, as well. The majority of attractions in downtown London are close to one another, so plan on walking a lot while visiting these places. And if you would be calling home often, make sure you get a local SIM card. This can help you avoid roaming charges while chatting with friends and family back home.

Identify the Places You Want to Visit

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are all part of the United Kingdom, which is a renowned tourist destination in Europe. The country’s allure stems in large part from its diversified terrain and rich cultural past. This includes beautifully managed rural estates and castles, as well as the country’s many world-class art galleries and museums. 

One of the unique things that make most people choose the UK as a travel destination is the ease with which you can travel from one end to the other of the country. The United Kingdom is so small, it could easily fit into the state of Texas with a lot of space to spare. This means you can choose to be based in cities like London or Liverpool and visit sites and other cities by rail, bus, or boat. 

A 90-minute rail journey from London will take you to scenic Salisbury, where you can take a short bus ride to tour one of the country’s most famous landmarks, Stonehenge. A one-hour train trip between Edinburgh and Glasgow will take you right into the centre of either city.

Take the Roads Less Traveled

Visit less popular tourist attractions to make your trip to the UK even more memorable. Instead of visiting the London Eye or Buckingham Palace, consider taking a trip outside the city. You try Bath, Oxford, or Cambridge, see Windsor Castle and visit the Stonehenges. Fans of the Beatles should not miss a visit to Liverpool which has a museum dedicated to the legendary band.

Grab a Meal or Snack 

To finish off this list of tips for Canadians exploring the UK, we should mention that if you want to get fully immersed in the British way of life, you need to eat like them.

Eating like the British is a terrific way to have a nice time in the city on your first visit. Try classic fish and chips, an English breakfast with black custard, and a pint or two beers at a pub. Naturally, afternoon tea with cookies or scones is a must. Try offal and haggis, a traditional Scottish dish made of sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, onions, grains, spices, and stock.

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