TOP 5 Breathtaking Places To Visit On A Holiday

The Earth is a big place, home to many stunning spectacles to delight and inspire. Let’s look at five of the most awe-inspiring destinations guaranteed to blow your mind.

1. Iceland

Iceland is a magical country, full of a dark and fearsome beauty to inspire magnificence and gravity in equal measure. The capital city of Reykjavik is a buzzing metropolis, yet you are still besieged by perilous and looming mountain ranges on all sides. Boat trips can take you out to some of the many glacial lakes where you can spot icebergs and even hope to see massive ice walls crumble into the sea. Then there are the world-famous hot springs, such as the massive Blue Lagoon where you can bathe in warm waters at zero degree temperatures. For those of you who like to hike, the craggy valleys and landscapes can be explored where a visitor can set foot in the paths of hillsides ravaged by volcanic eruptions and the passage of icebergs from thousands of years ago. 

 2. Egypt

A country rich in ancient civilization, Egypt is home to many looming monuments to the past. The ancient pyramids, one of the wonders of the world, still retain the power to shock and awe visitor. Their origins remain something of a mystery to this day, with some claiming that they were constructed by ancient alien races. Who can say when these mysterious architects will return to our planet? Perhaps they walk amongst us still. See the great Sphinx, the majestic peddler of ancient riddle with it’s nose somehow broken off. The ancient city of Thebes is also a wonder to behold, and a boat trip up the Nile river is without compare.

3. Rio De Janeiro

Brazil’s most famous city is a Mecca for party animals from all over the world. Rich in beauty and culture, it can seem an overwhelming place at first, but it rewards the daring traveler. Street parties go on day and night and video slots free, with the famous Mardi Gras event being the biggest street party in the world. Cultures, races, and identities blend in a rich melting pot, giving way to one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the world, giving rise to exciting, sensuous genres of music and dance like soca and baile funk. A trip to the massive Christ The Redeemer statue offers some of the best views of this amazing city.

4. The Amazon Rainforest

Perhaps the most amazing testament to nature on the planet, the Amazon is a must-see for any intrepid explorer. Teeming with some of the most diverse array of flora and fauna on the planet, there’s no way not to be astonished by the sheer force of nature on offer. Magically coloured plants and animals spill out from every direction. A trip down the mighty Amazon, the longest river in the world, can yield untold wonders. Just be sure not to fall in the water and get torn to shreds by a shoal of ravenous piranhas. Yikes. Not selling me.

5. Thailand

A country where East meets West, Thailand has long been a destination for young people to make their own adventures and discover who they really are inside. It’s a beautiful place full of lovely, friendly locals. Everything from the delicious food to the stunning jungles and mountain ranges practically begs to be savored. Be sure to visit the ruins of the Angkor Wat temple, another wonder of the world.…which is not in Thailand but this guest writer seems to think it is. Also, this photo looks like it is from Myanmar. Wowzers.

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