How to Combat Homesickness When You’re Traveling the World

Here’s a reality check for you. You’ve dreamt about traveling the world for years and now that you’re finally packed and ready to go, you’re crippled with the thought of leaving your family and friends behind. Homesickness is completely normal when you’re traveling, and it’s highly likely you will suffer from it at some point. However, there are some simple ways you can combat homesickness and overcome those feelings. Here’s how:

Stay in Regular Contact with Your Family and Friends

For some, when they get a bout of homesickness, they avoid talking to their family and friends because they think it’ll make them feel worse. Not surprisingly, keeping in regular contact with people helps remove much of the anxiety and worry you may have about your life back home. Sharing all of your latest stories, pictures, and adventures with your loved ones will help reaffirm just why you’re doing this trip. Also, they’re going to be so jealous of what you’re seeing and doing which, in a weird way, can be a nice boost.

Opt for Some Traditional Mailing

Combat Homesickness

As well as your techy ways of staying in touch through apps and emails, there’s nothing like a good old-fashion letter or parcel to elevate and combat homesickness – for both you and your family. Lots of courier services, like TNT for example, offer international pallet delivery shipments to a variety of locations, so you’ll always be able to send/receive parcels wherever you go.

Why not surprise a relative on their birthday with a gift from your latest location? This won’t just help you feel connected to them but will also make sure their birthday is one to remember.

Try to Remain Positive

When you start to feel homesick it’s easy to head into a downward spiral. You may question why did you decide to take this trip or feel lonely and isolated. If you let these thoughts take over, you aren’t going to make the most of this incredible experience. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, ask yourself what you would be doing if you hadn’t said yes to travel? Chances are you would be in the same dead-end job or relationship instead of halfway around the world experiencing life. Get out there and meet new people and enjoy new things. When you’re traveling, you’re bound to find other like-minded people, some who are trying to combat homesickness themselves.

Traveling can often be romanticized and it isn’t always easy. However, if it wasn’t difficult, everyone would be doing it. Be proud that you’ve been brave enough to take this leap, and make the most of all the opportunities it presents you with. Good or bad, I have never looked back on a trip and regretted it. Chances are, neither will you.

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