Post-Pandemic Travel: Inspiration For Your Next Trip

Travel is finally back! Many of us are looking forward to jetting off to far-flung destinations and seeing the world again. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip, we’ve got some incredible ideas. 

Beach Breaks

It’s been a tough couple of years so the thought of lounging around on a beach likely seems ideal. If you want to escape it all and catch some rays, there are some fabulous locations to consider. Luxury retreats include the Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles. The beaches of Portugal, Italy and Spain offer a more affordable option and guaranteed summer sunshine. For those looking to combine sunbathing and sightseeing, the beaches of Thailand and India offer a perfect base to for attractions and culture. Florida and California are popular choices for travellers visiting the US. The Caribbean also offers spectacular spots for a laid-back beach vacation.

Action and adventure

Interested in trying new activities to set your pulses racing? An adventure vacation might be for you. You’ll be spoiled for choice once you start researching possible destinations. From winter and water sports to hiking and mountain biking, there are many locations to explore any time of year. Look for kayak tours South Carolina or scale the peaks of the Alps. Get the adrenaline pumping during a skydive in New Zealand or go hiking or snowmobiling on a glacier in Iceland. Go rafting in Canada or cycling in France, Switzerland or the UK’s famous Lake District. 

City breaks

City breaks are perfect for those who are eager to see the sights and experience different cultures. The beauty of a city break is that you can cram all kinds of activities into a few days. Choose a destination based on your interests and how far you want to travel. Popular US destinations include Boston, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago. For the ultimate in opulence and decadence, visit Dubai. 

When you book a city break, it’s always useful to plan ahead and draw up a rough itinerary. This will enable you to save time on travel and ensure that you don’t miss any of the sights, attractions or experiences on your list. Leave time for exploring at leisure and try to find recommendations from locals. Book tickets online to save time queuing and get the best deals. 


Many people are eager to explore as much as possible now that restrictions have been lifted. Backpacking is a means of travelling without blowing the budget. Popular backpacker destinations include South America, Thailand and Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and India. If you’re thinking about planning a backpacking trip, compare quotes for round-the-world tickets. These flexible, multi-stop tickets are usually much better value than single tickets. You can also compare deals on accommodation and tours and excursions. It’s beneficial to read reviews and get ideas from other travellers to help you create your itinerary. 

Wellness vacations

Wellness vacations have become increasingly popular. If you love the idea of doing yoga on the beach, learning to meditate or enjoying pampering sessions that are designed to boost wellbeing, this could be the vacation for you. There is a growing number of spa and wellness resorts available in countries all over the world.

Some resorts offer spa treatments in luxurious settings while others specialize in activities and exercises that are designed to help people relax, manage their emotions, cope with difficult times or alter their lifestyle habits. 

After months of being unable to spread our wings, travel is firmly back on the agenda. If you’re hoping to get away, hopefully, this guide has given you inspiration for your next trip. From beach breaks and cultural tours to adventure vacations and wellness retreats, there’s something for every traveller. 

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