Tips for Visiting New Orleans for the First Time

New Orleans is full of French heritage and culture, which has held out since before the time the French sold the land in the Louisiana Purchase. Due to its differences and uniqueness, visiting New Orleans for the first time can be quite an overwhelming prospect.

That being said, once you’re in the city and experience all it has to offer, you will be smitten. So much in love that you’ll soon be looking for New Orleans houses for sale to purchase. Here are some tips for visiting New Orleans for the first time. 

Try the Cuisine

Something that you have to do when visiting New Orleans for the first time is trying out the local cuisine. New Orleans has some amazing restaurants that serve some extremely unique dishes, dishes you really won’t find in any other region of the United States. Dishes like gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and jambalaya are quintessential New Orleans.

These dishes all incorporate seafood that comes fresh from the local waters of the Gulf of Mexico. If there’s one thing you need to take advantage of while in New Orleans, it’s definitely the amazing food the city is known for. 

Visit the French Quarter

The French Quarter captures New Orleans in a microcosm. The architecture is gorgeous, being heavily influenced by the French people that originally settled the city. The French Quarter is beautiful and historic, but it also has plenty of interesting sights, shops, and restaurants to visit within. The French Quarter is an iconic part of the Big Easy, and it would be a shame not to see it on your first trip to New Orleans. 

Check out Bourbon Street

If you’re of legal drinking age and find yourself in New Orleans, then you have to make time to check out Bourbon Street one night. Bourbon Street is a legendary area home to some of the city’s best bars and clubs. You know you’re in for a wild night when you visit Bourbon Street, so prepare accordingly. While visiting the area, ensure that you visit places like the Swamp, Spirits, and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, all legendary establishments. If you’re looking for some nighttime fun, then you need to check out Bourbon Street on your first visit to New Orleans. 

Embrace the Local Culture

Another thing that to do when visiting New Orleans for the first time is to embrace the culture. As mentioned, New Orleans has an extremely unique blend of cultures.  This is on display during Mardi Gras, a celebration that New Orleans is known for. Join in on celebrations, take in the local music, and soak in everything you can.  

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