Don’t Stare at an Empty Suitcase! Making the Most of Your Non-Travelling Time

It’s safe to say that due to the pandemic, we’re all feeling a little stuck right now. While we can spend our time thinking about what we would be doing if we were able to travel, now might be the perfect opportunity to make the most of your non-travelling time.

There’s plenty you can do to get yourself ready for travelling down the line. There’s also time to think about what you can do to recharge and reinvigorate yourself while you’re in one place.

Look For Inspiration

Inspiring yourself to travel when you are not travelling can arm you with knowledge. You may think that it will just make you seeth with envy, but it is the perfect opportunity to stock up on ideas. There are a wide variety of documentaries out there that can help you to uncover a new aspect of travelling that you may not have really considered before.

For example, while you might be someone who loves scaling mountains, the food aspect was something that you were a little tentative about. There are fantastic cookery shows that can show you the wonders of transcontinental cuisines. And even if you cannot get Netflix, there’s plenty of services on the Firestick that you can utilize for free. But it’s recommended to get a VPN just in case. There is a guide on TroyPoint on how to install a VPN for your Firestick so you could do this safely and get yourself inspired.

Creating Memories From Your Past Travels

When we have our memories they may very well be on an SD card or an old phone somewhere. Now is the perfect opportunity to truly make a collage of plane tickets and a scrapbook of your past adventures. Creating memories of your past adventures will help perk you up. Because when we are grounded and we’re not able to go anywhere, we may very well think that we need to look forward and keep moving on, but now is the perfect opportunity to take stock of the lessons we’ve already learned. Creating a vision board or a scrapbook is the perfect way to consolidate some of the lessons.

Writing a Journal

When you are frustrated that you’re not able to travel, write it all down. A journal is not just a simple way to document how you are feeling, but it’s something that will go with you when you start travelling again. A journal is a therapist, a sounding board, and a brain dump all-in-one. By getting into the habit of journaling now, it becomes a habit that isn’t just a great way for you to get your thoughts onto paper, but it’s something that you actively crave after a while. And what better way to get yourself ready for travelling than by creating a document of the things that you want to achieve?

It is no fun when we can’t travel. And while you may be chomping at the bit to get out there, think about making the most of this one destination that you seldom utilize: your current location.

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