Etiquette Tips for South African Wine Routes

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South African wines are amongst the finest in the world. If you are lucky enough to be visiting this great country you should consider one of the many  South African wine tours or, alternatively, head out on one of the many wine routes. Although it is a relaxing way to see the South African countryside and sample some incredible wine, there is some etiquette to note which can help make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Book Beforehand

If you want to take a specific vineyard and/or cellar tour, it is best to book ahead of time. Besides that, some farms close down for the winter. It’s best to book ahead.

Have a Designated Driver

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Do you really want to worry about drinking too much when doing a wine tour? Even a couple glasses will make you question which side of the road your should be on (left is right in South Africa ;))

Unless you utilize the spittoons, it’s best to hire a driver or take a tour.

Do Not Skip Lunch

Cape Winelands Guided Tour - It's for the best. 2

If you want to have a great experience on the wine routes, have a huge breakfast. This will help absorb the alcohol consumed. Many wineries have excellent resturaunts or farmers market so be sure to snack during the day. Also remember to pack plenty of water for your trip!

Avoid Strong Perfume

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Strong perfumes will ruin the ability for others and yourself to smell the wine. Also, smoking, chewing gum, and breath mints will affect your taste buds. Avoid.

Take Time to Learn About the Wine Routes

Cape Winelands Guided Tour - It's for the best. 5

To start your lessons, you can click this link. In South Africa there are more than 500 wineries. The country has more than 15 designated wine routes, all of which are unique. Seeking out the best can be a challenge as the small wineries do not always have a budget for marketing. They spend most of their energies trying to perfect their wine making…which is alright by me 🙂

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