Guide to Paris: 6 Nonchalant, Unseen, and Rare Things to Do in Paris, France

When planning a trip to France, you may dream of the Eiffel Tower, the exquisite Parisian boulevards, the sunny streets, and delightful villages. But it is much more than this; you can create memorable moments by participating in local activities, instead of just walking and sightseeing. These small adventures will make the most of your vacation in France. 

Paris isn’t just about fashion and contemporary art. You can actually see and do more and are well worth your time. 

You can’t get bored of Paris, as you can visit museums, and popular tourist attractions, taste the most delicious food, shop for the latest fashion items, etc. Paris has many cool and unusual things you can experience, perfect for those who have already visited the city but want some new thrill! Here’s how to discover the country from a whole different point of visit with the following top cool things to do in Paris, France.

Embrace the French Language 

First things first, are you a French speaker? If not, you may want to learn some before you book your trip to France. French is a harmonious, soft, and beautiful language. Even though it may sound imperfect to some, it has an unmistakable elegance. Most beginners cannot learn it because it sounds too tricky. After English, France is one of the most taught languages around the world. France is one of the few countries where English isn’t spoken. So, your chances of interacting with locals in a nation where English is absent are higher if you learn French. The first thing you should learn is the alphabet. Getting familiar with the French alphabet is the first step and most important. Many French letters are the same as in the English alphabet. However, the use of accents is different on certain letters. But getting the alphabet’s pronunciation correct is the biggest obstacle for English speakers wanting to learn French. 

There are many different ways to learn French fast. The method that causes people to know French hard is because they don’t search for a fast and straightforward approach. You could look for a more engaging and fun tactic – the secret of success is self-awareness. The top way to learn French Fast is by having students chat and practice, as it’s a great asset for any language learner. Also, there are different expert-designed online apps you could try and learn French at your peace. Of course, it could be fantastic if you could study French while reading news or articles or have a private tutor who can focus on improving your pronunciation and other issued elements of the language. Watching movies with French subtitles is the best way to develop your hearing and understanding skills. It’s also beneficial to start listening to podcasts or audiobooks, even for 15-20 minutes daily. 

Discovering Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Discovering Paris is the most beautiful thing tourists do when visiting France. Watching the sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower is a unique experience. The gentle lighting has an unearthly effect, especially from late afternoon until nightfall. The golden sparks on the skyline offer romantic effects to the views. From whatever you’ll look, the landscapes become even more remarkable as the sun goes down within the city’s illuminated memorials, reflecting the splendid colors of sunset. As a bonus, every night, you’ll enjoy seeing the Eiffel Tower bejewelled with dazzling lights that sparkle for a couple of minutes every hour. 

For an even more truly unforgettable experience, you can admire the sunset while dining at one of Eiffel’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Breathtaking! 

Visiting a Cemetery around Paris

Cemeteries in Paris are hauntingly beautiful; words and photographs cannot describe precisely how they look. You must go on a spiritual journey and stop by Père-Lachaise Cemetery – a beautiful resting place for the great souls of Paris. It’s one of the tours you’ll never want to miss in Paris. Take a walk in the beautiful cemetery, which leads you out into a forest. It’s surrounded by the unimaginable style of architecture, life-size sculptures of characters, streets, and pathways. It’s an enthralling, beautiful, and a bit spooky world. Père-Lachaise Cemetery is overflowing with famed residents, like Edith Piaf, Frederic Chopin, and Gertrude Stein. Stop for a few moments at each grave and read the stories written on each stone. 

Walk Along the Saint-Martin Canal 

The canals of Paris were built in the early 19th century, and have become a vibrant part of the city. Waterfronts, art, culture, and spacious parks – enjoy an unhurried turn in this unique city. Join a gentle walk between the Saint-Martin Canal and La Villette Parks, where nature and urban culture develops a perfect holiday ambience. The Saint-Martin Canal is connected to the Port de l’Arsenal to the La Villette Canal, extending over 4.5 km, with 2 km underground. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Paris 

Riding a hot air balloon in Paris is one of the best and rare ideas to make the most of your trip. It’s always been a part of the culture in Paris, as tourists drive hundreds or thousands of km to experience the magic and fun of this moment. Tourists don’t have to be wealthy to be able to view the city from the sky. Many hot air balloon companies offer this service at different affordable prices. Make sure you check the pricing and deals before booking. 

“Maison de Nicolas Flamel” – The Oldest Stone House in Paris 

The Maison de Nicolas Flamel is the oldest stone house in Paris, dating back to the 15th century. Make sure you have your camera with you to take some pictures, but also do some research about the place before and share it with your friends. You can find the house situated at 51 no. Rue de Montmorency. The house was built in 1407 – the stone façade has sculptured angels playing music, but they might look a bit eroded after a long time. 

So, what remarkable and unusual things have you done in Paris? If you haven’t travelled to Paris yet, the above tips may help you enjoy an unforgettable trip to Paris.

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