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Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger RTW

On my 2014 round the world trip I had the pleasure of taking a couple Timbuk2 bags with me. If you’re unfamiliar with this San Francisco bag giant all you really need to know is they make some seriously durable products. If their “bombproof” material isn’t a testament to this, their lifetime warranty is. Timbuk2 is known for their Messenger and bike friendly bags as well as being able to customize the heck out of them. With Timbuk2 you truly can build a bag as unique as your own personality. But I digress. This review is for the Timbuk2 Snoop messenger bag and how you can win one for yourself.

RTW Tested


The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger bag was more than ample for my camera gear. I tested out the medium sized bag but probably could’ve gotten away with a small as I rock an Olympus micro 4/3 camera.  (Check out my Olympus e-pl5 Camera Review!)

Taking the Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger for a stroll through the Grand Bazaar – Istanbul, Turkey


The added size of the Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger was a bit cumbersome at times but was great for me as it doubled as my carry-on. On top of my camera, lenses, and accessories, this camera messenger bag also concealed my Surface Tablet, notebooks, and a grab bag of back medication.


More than just a camera bag

On top of doubling as my carry-on the Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger works as a regular messenger bag is well. The customizable Camera insert easily pops out leaving you with one large cavity. Although an interesting feature, I found myself leaving the insert in as without it all your contents are mixed together. I would’ve taken the camera insert out for my long flights and packed it in my checked Timbuk2 Aviator bag but this new messenger is big enough for everything I needed during those long hauls including keeping my camera gear safely with me.

The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger – Elephant proof.

Ease of access

Being able to quickly access your camera is key when trying to capture that great moment, traveling or not. Digging through a backpack? “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” said 2012 Shaun. This new Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger knows this and addresses this. Getting in and out of this bag is not only is easy, but quite as well.

The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger hard at work in Koh Samui


You see the Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger bag includes clips for storing and Velcro for quick access. Timbuk2 also includes “silencer” strips to dampen the Velcro – allowing for stealthy photo taking. I did not get creepy enough to try this but a nice touch. Maybe I will give it a go while stalking lions in Kenya?


The bag is 100% a messenger bag when it comes to looks. This is a better alternative to the bulky camera carriers that are currently on the market but as a fashion accessory, not really my bag. See what I did there? Maybe I would be convinced otherwise if this model was available for customization but as a posting this it is not. You can however create a custom classic messenger and add the convenient Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger Camera Insert which gets you pretty close to what the Snoop bag has to offer.

The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger saying hi in Cappadocia


So what do I think about the Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger after lugging it around the world? It’s highly functional with many perks and little setbacks. I hauled it over snowbanks in Iceland and on ferry rides in Thailand with ease. I took it through bustling markets in Istanbul and packed night markets in Chiang Mai without issue.

In short:

What I liked

  • Durability – Seriously. The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger is tough. I took it around the world and it still looks brand-new. 11 out of 10.
  • Accessibility – Getting at your gear in the moment couldn’t be easier. Also it features a tripod strap. Dope.
  • Comfort – about as good as it gets although the strap could be a little longer.

What I didn’t

  • Size – again, I tested the medium-size bag. The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger bag also comes in a small and extra small.
  • Style – although the best of what I have seen so far when it comes to functional camera bags, it is still a messenger bag. Again if this is customizable to utilize the amazing fabrics that Timbuk2 has it in his arsenal would make a world of difference. If this is a factor for you then customize the classic messenger bag and add the Snoop inset.


The Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger looking good at a seedy bar in Russia

— Win This Bag!—

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Bonus Round

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Big congrats to Kelby AndMichael Brandow! One RTW‬ experienced Snoop Messenger Bag coming your way!

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I was provided this Timbuk2 Snoop Messenger bag to review and photograph around the world by Timbuk2. As always,
the experience, opinions, and thoughts are my own.

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