Three Things to Consider Before Moving to Work Abroad


The world of work has changed so much in recent years that packing your laptop and working from anywhere in the world may be a realistic possibility. Move somewhere fascinating, and as long as you can get an excellent wi-fi connection, you can continue working without even cashing in your annual leave! A workation is a great idea, but what if you are upping sticks and moving to find work abroad? Maybe you are looking for a change. Perhaps you are following your heart and moving to be with a partner who has a job placement abroad. 

If you are moving with your company, most of the admin and paperwork will be done for you at a corporate level. If you’re navigating the move and finding a job yourself, you will need help. Here are some top tips for moving to work abroad in a new country.

Remember the Dull Stuff

In all the excitement of packing and planning, don’t forget the dull stuff. If you are doing it all yourself without the benefit of an HR department, you will need to do some research to be sure that you have all the necessary paperwork for working abroad. You will need to get your visa and work permission sorted out before you leave.

If you are going to the US, you should talk to an immigration attorney like Davis & Associates. In addition, you should check whether you will need any special vaccinations before your leave. Workers in specific sectors such as health care may need extra jabs to work in some countries, so check this out too. If you are moving to Canada, things may be a little bit different. In this case, it’s important to find out whether your employer has an LMIA application to hire you legally.

Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Of course, you’re madly in love, and your partner is the most fantastic person in the world. However, try not to burn all your bridges straightaway. Your partner may be following their star and have a great career opportunity before them but make sure you also have something to return to if things don’t work out. Equally, your grand ambitions to create a new career for yourself in a new country may prove trickier than you thought, so try to retain a foothold in your old life.

Could you negotiate a leave of absence from your company rather than handing in your notice? Would they let you go away for a while unpaid and keep a space for you to return to? If you are a valued and experienced employee, your company may feel that they have made a significant investment in you and be reluctant to let go of you completely. Take advantage of this situation to retain the option to go back. 

Make Some Contacts Before You Go

Use your social media capital to create a network. Trawl Linkedin for people working in the same industry in your destination country. Do you already have some connections in your new country? See if you can link with them. They may help you to find a job or just to settle into your new life.

Lastly, enjoy your relocation without stress and hassles with expert Aurora movers.

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