The Most Complete Camping Checklist for 2022

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In recent years, affected by the epidemic, travel has been restricted, and camping has become a key tourism keyword the epidemic, which has attracted widespread attention. So, what do you need to prepare for camping? The most complete list of camping equipment in 2022 is attached!

What do I need to prepare for camping?

1. Waterproof and warm tent

Tents are generally divided into three-season tents, four-season tents, and alpine tents. The number of users, it can be divided into single, double, triple, and multi-person accounts. Generally, outdoor stores generally sell three-season double tents, which are commonly used for ordinary leisure camping activities in spring, summer, and autumn. The tent is relatively spacious and relatively comfortable to sleep in. The tent poles are divided into glass fiber poles and aluminum alloy poles, and the aluminum alloy poles are lighter.

2. Sleeping bags with high cold resistance

There is a large temperature difference between day and night in the wild. Sleeping bags in summer and autumn must have a high degree of cold resistance, and they are mainly purchased for warmth. Generally, sleeping bags are suitable for the temperature. 10°C, you have to use 10°C as the standard, which means that the sleeping bag will be more comfortable when it is around 10°C), and the temperature scale of the sleeping bag is between +20 and 0°C.

Under normal climatic conditions, cotton sleeping bags can be used, and sleeping bags can be selected according to the temperature scale (an indicator of the temperature of the sleeping bag to keep warm). Sleeping bags made of high-quality down in alpine or alpine regions are better, generally 1.5-2 kg of down filling. Down sleeping bags are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to compress, and small in size and weight, but they are also more expensive. The envelope sleeping bag can be unfolded and used as a quilt.

3. Large capacity backpack

Backpacks are divided into small backpacks under 30 liters, medium backpacks of 30-45 liters, and large backpacks of 45-80 liters or more according to their capacity. Choose a backpack based on the gear you carry at your destination. Generally, for two to three days of field camping activities on weekends, a backpack of 45-60 litres is suitable (tents and moisture-proof pads can be unmounted on the top). For large hauls, the capacity of the outdoor backpack should be between 60L and 80L, so that all the camping equipment can be packed in the bag. Although the outdoor bag has many external hanging buckles, I personally think they can be installed in the bag. Pack the inside as much as possible in a bag, which also plays a role in moisture-proof and protective equipment.

4. Thick moisture-proof pad

Some people will ignore this thing and feel that it is useless to spread the floor cloth. However, it plays a great role in improving comfort and keeping moisture and warmth, so it is included in the must-have. Physical moisture-proof pads or inflatable sleeping pads are used to isolate moisture from the ground and maintain body temperature and sleep quality. It is not very likely to find relatively flat ground outdoors, so a thicker moisture-proof pad is necessary so that it will be more comfortable to sleep.

5. Shoes, socks, and clothes

This is required for participation in most outdoor sports. A good pair of hiking shoes can make you more comfortable participating in various sports. You must try on the shoes yourself, and the ones that suit your feet are the best. Socks can choose quick-drying socks. If you have slippers, you can also bring them along. At night, the sea breeze will be strong and cold, so be sure to bring thicker clothes, otherwise, you will be shivering at night. A lightweight jacket is also recommended.

6. Tactical flashlight

Outdoor camping tactical flashlight is indispensable. It can not only illuminate the surroundings but is also a good self-defence tool when necessary. You can also use it as a tent light. The strong light flashlight can generally illuminate 30 meters. Outside, it is right to buy according to this standard. Night lights are very important, you can choose battery lights or gas lights. If it is a battery light, be sure to prepare enough spare batteries.

A headlamp that can be worn on the head is recommended, and it is also used for night activities, night walks, or camp activities, and free hands. I buy from olight store, a trusted brand of the torch.

7. Cooking utensils

Outdoor cooking utensils generally refer to the stove head and fuel (gas tank) used for cooking and boiling water in the wild, and it is very convenient to carry. The stove head is divided into an oil stove and a gas stove, and a gas stove with a gas tank is more commonly used. Oil stoves, also known as universal stoves, are used with kerosene, white gasoline, etc., but they are expensive and require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Cutlery includes sets of pots, bowls, cutlery, and chopsticks suitable for different numbers of people.

 The most complete list of camping equipment in 2022

1. Necessary:

  • Tent (and pegs)
  • Moisture pad
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • camping pillow
  • Headlamps or torches (and extra batteries)
  • camping chair
  • Camping table (if no picnic table is available)
  • Lights (bring fuel/battery if needed)


  • Awnings, canopies, or gauze inner tents
  • hammock
  • camp bed
  • Firewood is procured near the camp
  • camp carpet
  • Tablecloth and clips (or tape)
  • Clothesline with clips

2. Tools:

  • Multitool
  • adhesive tape
  • Air pump (if with air cushion)
  • extra rope
  • tent pole repair kit
  • Pad/Mattress Repair Kit
  • mallet or hammer (for hitting tent stakes)
  • saw or ax (for chopping wood)
  • Small broom and dustpan

3. Kitchen articles:

  • stove and fuel
  • matches/lamps/igniters
  • Cooking Pot (and Pot Holder)
  • pan
  • tableware
  • cooking utensils
  • bottle opener, can opener
  • sharp knife
  • plate/bowl
  • mug/cup
  • chopping board
  • cooler
  • ice or ice substitute
  • Water bottle
  • Camp sink or laundry tub
  • biodegradable soap
  • Pot Scrubber/Sponge
  • Garbage Bags/Recycling Bags
  • rag
  • kitchen optional
  • Camp Grill and Fuel
  • grill
  • dry pot
  • oven
  • charcoal
  • Portable coffee/tea maker
  • hot dog fork
  • Small Food Storage Containers / Bags / Foils
  • large kettle
  • Large clear plastic case for storing kitchen utensils

4. Additional enjoyment optional:

  • Solar and Portable Power
  • telescope
  • A field guide (flowers, insects)
  • Star Map/Night Sky Identifier
  • Books/Reading Materials
  • notebook and pen
  • music player with headphones
  • Games and Toys
  • dog gear
  • Dry bags, bags, or clear plastic bins to store items
  • 5. Clothing and footwear:
  • absorbent panties
  • Moisture Wicking T-Shirt
  • Quick-drying pants/shorts
  • Long-sleeved shirts (sun, insect repellent)
  • Lightweight fleece or jacket
  • Boots or shoes suitable for the terrain
  • socks (synthetic or wool)
  • pajamas
  • Rainy or cold weather optional:
  • Raincoat (jacket and pants)
  • long base coat
  • fleece pants
  • gloves or mittens
  • warm hat
  • Hot days optional:
  • swimsuit
  • water sandals
  • Camp sandals or booties
  • scarf

6. Health and hygiene:

  • toilet paper
  • Facial mask
  • hand sanitiser
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • wash bag
  • quick dry towel
  • prescription
  • First aid kit or first aid supplies
  • 7. Sunscreen and insect repellent:
  • Umbrella
  • sunscreen
  • Sunglasses (and Sunglass Straps)
  • sunhat
  • lip balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Insect repellent device
  • Optional:
  • baby wipes
  • Alcohol or antiseptic wipes
  • Mirror
  • brush/comb
  • cosmetic
  • Spare Eyewear/Contact Lens Supplies
  • eye mask
  • earplugs
  • Portable Camping Shower
  • 8. Personal items
  • bank card and/or cash
  • ID card
  • cell phone

In general, if you go camping, you must bring tents, sleeping bags, mobile phones, flashlights, and other items. In addition, when you are relaxing camping, you should take away the garbage so as not to pollute the environment.

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