Discovering the Street Art of Islas Mujeres

Cancun enjoys long stretches of sandy shoreline and the high-end resorts that sit upon them. Booking a Cancun holiday is an easy ticket to sun and relaxation, but as I recently found, there is also plenty of art and culture nearby. Although there are plenty of ruins to explore in the Mayan Riviera, I preferred my time discovering the street art of Islas Mujeres.

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Laidback Paradise

Islas Mujeres is only 13 KM off Cancun’s coast but feels like it is miles away. Gone are the tourist traps, clubs, and crowds. Instead, you will find laid-back locals, ex-pats, and island living. I spent a week on the Island of Islas Mujeres and found peace in the big city as well as one of the nicest beaches in Mexico. This tiny spit of sand is a short ferry ride away from Cancun and offers a completely different experience than what you find on the mainland. For one, there are no cars on the island. Instead, people get around on foot, by bicycles, and on golf carts.

There are plenty of restaurants but little in the way of chain ones that you can find in Cancun and everywhere else in the world. Because of this, I found this laid-back island to be everything I needed for a week of catching up on work and relaxation. Great Wi-Fi, good coffee, and even better food. What I also, and most surprisingly, fell for was some amazing street art. From hotel courtyards to simple advertisements, the street art of Islas Mujeres makes this great island much more colourful. Here are some of my favourites.

The Street Art of Islas Mujeres Good to Know

Although I stayed on Islas Mujeres, there are plenty of ways to visit the island on a day trip from Cancun. Several tours that range from booze cruises to diving excursions include stops on Islas Mujeres. If you are really daring (or packed enough sunscreen) there is even a nude cruise!

The most affordable ways to enjoy the street art of Islas Mujeres is by hopping on one of the ferries. For more details on getting to Islas Mujeres see here.

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