6 Steps to Prepare Your Home Before You Head on a Month-Long Trip

No matter how far or how often you travel, there will always be concerns about your home when you are on vacation. Right from worrying about theft to the issues related to plumbing, there is always something on your mind. And indeed, a lot could go wrong when you are away from home. But you can do a few things to prepare the home for a vacation. The last thing you want to do is return from the holiday and end up tackling the issues inside your house. 

If you are planning an extended vacation anytime soon, the six steps below will prepare your home before leaving on a month-long trip.

1. The home should be secure 

First up on this list of home tips before leaving on a month-long trip is making sure all will be safe while away.

When planning to go on an extended trip, you need to ensure that the home is secure. It should appear that your house is occupied so that it isn’t a target for theft. To secure the home, you must make it look occupied by locking the windows, doors, and the garage. Never make the mistake of hiding the house keys near the door, and remember to set the programmable light timers for all the outdoor lights. If you have motion-activated outdoor lights, turn them on too. Remember to close the windows and blinds and check that the security system works well. You can also ask your neighbours to monitor the house whenever possible. 

2. Empty the fridge

This one may be obvious but before leaving on a month-long trip you need to clear out your perishables.

If you will not be around for a while, cleaning the fridge and removing all the food is important; otherwise, it will only spoil in your absence. Wipe down the surfaces and throw away the items that have expired. Once you have removed everything from the fridge, unplug it and let it defrost with the door open while you are gone. 

3. Complete annual maintenance of appliances

An electrical storm could lead to power outages in your home, and they can damage the appliances causing a lot of expense at a later stage. So, before you leave for the vacation, ensure that you have completed the annual maintenance service of the appliances, and then go around and unplug everything that does not need to be on. Look at the annual maintenance schedule and ensure everything is sorted before you leave. The experts at Fixd Repair (www.fixdrepair.com/tx/carrollton-ac-repair/) offer quick and efficient air conditioner maintenance and if necessary, repair, in Carrollton. This will ensure that the appliances are working in the best condition once you’re back. 

4. Prepare your home for the elements 

You can never know the type of weather the home will experience in your absence. This is why you need to prepare the home for the elements in order to reduce any weather-related damage. Start by getting the roof inspected and fix anything which needs repair. That said, clean the gutters and take a look at the bushes or trees and trim them. 

5. Clean the home

You might not be happy with the idea of cleaning your home right before leaving for a holiday but in the future you will be so thankful. There is no joy like returning to a clean house after a long time away. Do not leave any clothes in the washer or dryer and remember to empty the dishwasher and leave its door open. Do wipe down the countertops to avoid rodents or bugs in the house and clean the garbage disposal before leaving. On the day of your departure, take out the trash and arrange for somebody to take the cans to the street on trash day. 

6. Turn off the water 

Last up on this list of tips to prepare your home before leaving on a month-long trip is to ensure there are no leaky surprises when you get home.

Even a minor plumbing leak will lead to a flooded house when you are back. If you are home, you can take action but if you are going to be away for a while, you need to be prepared. Do not take the risk of having a plumbing leak anywhere in the home. Turn off the main water shut-off valve first. Once you do that, turn on the bathroom and kitchen faucets until they run dry.

Now flush the toilets and also turn off the water at the base of every toilet in order to prevent mildew or mold from building up in the bowl. However, you do not want to turn off all the water lines. Keep the main water line open. It will ensure that the heating system has hot water when you are gone and your sprinkler system keeps working while you are away. You also do not need to maintain the hot water tank for a long time and you can turn the water heater off. If not, set it to the lowest heat level. 

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