Oman Air Business Class Lounge Review – Muscat International Airport

As I found on my Oman Air First-Class lounge review, the business class lounge, surprisingly, has much more to offer guests. With time to kill before my Oman Air first-class flight between Muscat and London, I took a tour. Here is my Oman Air business class lounge review and why I think it’s one of the best out there.


The Oman Air business class lounge is located on the fifth floor of the Muscat International Airport departure terminal. Directly after security, you will find an elevator leading you up to where the lounges are located. On the right is access to the first class lounge, and on the left, the business class lounge.

Service and Amenities

The lounge staff are beyond friendly. When the bartender in the first-class lounge saw that I was taking pictures she asked if I would like a tour. I was visiting during Ramadan so I think she was bored. I was also the only first-class passenger that day so I’m sure she was happy to have something to do. Turns out, it was good to have a guide as there was much to see.

Onsite Spa

The best feature of Oman‘s business class and first-class lounges is access to a full-service spa. The menu includes several treatments and are reasonably priced given the location. The spa features a hammam and showers in each treatment room. There’s also a hydrotherapy room which I did not try but joked about it putting the masseuse out of a job. I recommend visiting a little early so you can enjoy the spa, have a treatment, and then shower before your flight.

Nap and Sleep Rooms

The Oman Air business class lounge truly caters to those on long layovers or travelling overnight. Understandable as this is something very common with flights to and from the Middle East. The napping area looked very inviting, and I was travelling mid-day.

Those looking for more privacy can access one of the dedicated private rooms or family rooms. Not tired but still want privacy? The lounge also features cinema rooms with loungers and a flat-screen TV.

Last and certainly best of all, guests that are travelling on a layover longer than three hours will be accommodated at the air-side hotel free of charge! This is subject to availability so best to contact Oman Air ahead of time to confirm.

This is an awesome feature and a definite bonus for anyone trying to decide which Middle East carrier city to connect through. I might leverage this for my trip to Africa next spring. Stay tuned.

Other amenities to highlight on this Oman Air business class lounge review include a kid’s playroom, a cigar lounge with a fancy filtration system, prayer rooms, and high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout. I still had plenty of data left on my Airalo eSim so use that instead.

Oman Air Business Class Lounge Food and Drink

Oman Air’s very large dining and buffet area feature cold dishes, fresh fruit, and cheeses as well as hot buffet items. There are also high-end espresso machines throughout. I was visiting in between meal services so I didn’t get a chance to see what was on display in the hot buffet section but from what I experienced on the first-class side I can only imagine it is of the highest quality.

Noe, as I was visiting during Ramadan, alcohol was not being served in either lounge.

Wrapping Up

For me, the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul has set the bar in Europe and the Middle East. As I have found on this latest trip, the Pearl Lounge in Manama and now the Oman Air business class lounge in Muscat definitely give it a run at the crown. Pair that with a spa service and incredible in-air service and Oman Air is an excellent choice for those connecting through or visiting the region.

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Oman Air Business Class Lounge Review - Muscat International AirportOman Air Business Class Lounge Review - Muscat International Airport
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